Accessorize Your Gray Dress With Jewel Tones

Grey dresses are sleek, sophisticated and neutral enough to be matched with any color. Accessorize your grey dress with colors like eggshell white, baby pink or any pastel to brighten it up.

Channel Carrie Bradshaw with a fitted bodycon gray number that oozes sophistication. Upgrade your AM bodega run with this sweater set and prim blazer combo.


Grey is a neutral color and works with almost any shade, but it can also look quite dull without a small pop of color. Brighten your gray dress with pastels like mint green, eggshell white or baby pink for a refreshing and youthful appearance.

Light grey suits look sophisticated when paired with burgundy or rich green accessories gray dress that lend an elegant tone to your outfit. If your suit is a darker shade, choose jewel tones such as deep purple or striking royal blue for an upscale look.

Girls with medium skin can wear most shades of grey, but if you have fair skin, stick to a light grey like slate to avoid looking washed out. Dark grey may look too heavy on your complexion, so try a medium or medium-dark shade instead.

If you’re unsure whether your skin tone is warm or cool, Tierney recommends checking the color of the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they look blue or purple, you’re likely cool-toned; if they have a yellow cast, you’re warm-toned.

Girls with olive skin are in luck as they can wear all shades of grey, but opt for a light-to-medium gray for a subtle and polished look. The neutral shade will stand out against your complexion without washing you out, while a dark grey will make your skin appear even paler.


Grey dresses offer effortless sophistication for all occasions. Whether you choose a tailored silhouette for professional settings or a flowing midi dress for casual outings and date nights, gray pieces elevate any wardrobe with timeless style and confidence. Pair a dark grey dress with rich hues like burgundy or deep green to enhance the look of your complexion, or try a neutral shade that complements your skin tone for a modern aesthetic.

For those with warm skin tones, earthy tones like brown and beige are ideal for a flattering ensemble. Avoid orange, bright whites, and black as these shades can wash out your complexion and cause you to appear washed-out. Those with cool tones can rock a wide range of neutral colors, including grey, as they tend to look good with most shades.

Light-toned women who are lucky enough to have olive skin should experiment with a variety of shades until they find the one that highlights their beauty and compliments their natural complexion. For example, a pastel pink dress can be elevated with a light grey blouse for a chic summer outfit or a soft grey sweater can be dressed up with an eggshell white blazer for a sophisticated look in cooler temperatures.

Gray looks good with just about any color, especially cool patterns. Flip a polka-dot shirt over your gray pants or throw a dotted shrug over a grey dress to add interest to your attire. The neutral color also pairs well with textures, so try a grey dress with lace, ribbing, or leather for a unique style that adds depth to your look.

Jewel Toned

Named after gemstones like sapphire blue, ruby red and amethyst jumpsuit company purple, jewel tones bring a rich, dramatic look to any ensemble. These highly saturated shades also symbolize wealth and power, making them ideal for those who want to add a touch of luxury to their wardrobes.

If you’re a fan of jewel tones but don’t want to go all out, consider using them as an accent color in your outfits. For example, you can match your necklace or earrings to the hues in your dress. Or, you could wear a dress in a jewel tone and pair it with a neutral color, such as white, to keep the outfit looking balanced.

A dazzling jewel-toned gown is a gorgeous option for any formal event, from cocktail parties to weddings. In fact, a jewel-toned bridal party dress is the perfect choice for glitzy fall and winter celebrations, as well as a chic spring or summer soiree.

For a bold monochromatic style, try pairing your jewel-toned dress with matching shoes and accessories. You can even mix up your accessory palette by selecting items that pick up the hues in your dress’ pattern, like copper and burgundy boots that are perfect for a fall or winter floral print. And of course, don’t forget to accessorize your jewel toned dress with a fab pair of statement earrings.

Bright Accessories

As a neutral, gray provides a blank slate that is easy to dress up with bright accessories. As long as the hues aren’t overpowering, any shade can be paired with grey. In warm weather, light shades like mint green and eggshell white are the perfect complements to gray dresses. Likewise, soft pinks and yellows add a playful touch to your outfit. A vibrant scarf at the neckline or a pair of heels in a sunny hue adds a pop of color without overpowering your look.

Alternatively, you can dress up a neutral grey dress with a subtle metallic. Silver and gold work well with a variety of neutral shades, including grey, brown, and black. These metals are also great with the wide range of fabrics found in many gray dresses, including linen and silk.

Evening gowns in grey make a stunning statement at semiformal events, including casual weddings and business dinners. The muted tone flatters darker complexions and elongates short, curvy body types. To add a sophisticated edge, choose a slender grey dress with a deep plunged neckline embellished with rhinestones or beadwork. Designers like Jovani, who New York Dress proudly carries, feature this style in a wide selection of styles and lengths.