Customized Paper Hand Towels

Customized paper hand towels are an easy and affordable way to add a touch of style to any powder room. You can choose from a wide variety of designs, from simple monogramming to whimsical graphics.

Made of thick air-laid paper with the soft feel of linen, these disposable guest towels are a luxurious addition to restrooms. Personalize them with your choice of design, font and monogram.


Create personalized paper hand towels to add an elegant touch to any occasion. Choose from a variety of colors and designs to match your party theme or color scheme. Customized hand towels are an affordable option that makes a big impression. They can also be used for business purposes to promote your brand and increase your visibility. They are a great option for outdoor events, such as al fresco parties and wilderness weddings. You can even customize them with a quarantine themed monogram or funny graphic to bring a smile to frequent handwashers.

Whether used to enhance the powder room or as dinner napkins for buffets, personalized guest towels can elevate the appearance of any venue and table setting. These high-quality, thick pressed paper guest towels come pre-folded for convenience and feature a linen feel. They are available in a range of napkin colors, including white, ivory and linun or bella lino.

The soft, absorbent linen-like finish of these disposable guest towels will pamper your guests and give them the feeling of luxury. They are ideal for your special event or a hotel bathroom. They can be embroidered with your choice of monogram or up to 4 lines of custom text. They are a beautiful addition to your wedding reception and perfect for use as dinner napkins at buffets. They are also a great idea for restaurants and other businesses where customers wash their hands frequently.


Paper towels are a “can’t-live-without” item in most homes, used for everything from slurping up spillages to wiping surfaces. Knowing the different types can help you find a towel that best suits your needs and complements your decor. For example, lint-free towels are ideal for cleaning mirrors and glass, while industrial paper towels are designed for tougher clean-up tasks that require higher absorbency levels. Depending on the use of the towels, customized paper hand towels you can also choose from a variety of folds, such as fan fold and twist fold, which are ideal for holding paper towel sheets in dispensers that are compatible with multiple folds.

ELEGANT FEEL – Made in Europe from premium, linen-like, non-recycled paper fiber. Thick and soft, these disposable hand towels for powder room have a texture similar to cloth and provide superior absorbency, making them perfect for your next special occasion. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower or holiday event, these personalized monogram hand towels will add a touch of elegance to any bathroom or buffet table.

Customizable with your choice of design and up to 4 lines of text, these disposable paper guest towels are the perfect addition to any bathroom or powder room at a wedding, dinner party, holiday event, or birthday celebration. They’re also a great way to add a personalized touch to any baby shower, wedding or housewarming party.


Personalized paper hand towels are an affordable way to elevate your powder room and table linens. Available in a range of paper colors and options, they can be customized with your choice of monogram, stock art and text. Choose a classic monogram for a timeless look or match your beach house (or lake home, mountain house…) theme with stock artwork featuring starfish, trout, skiers, or mountains. They’re also a great way to spread brand awareness at a convention or fundraiser.

The type of paper towel you use depends on the task at hand. For example, lint-free options are good for glass and mirror cleaning, while industrial-grade towels work well in areas that require tougher cleaning. You can also choose from single-ply or multi-ply varieties, as well as select-a-size paper towels that have different-sized perforations to help reduce waste.

The texture of the paper towel is another important factor. Some are made of a tweed look, which adds sophistication to restrooms. Others have an almost-linen feel, which is a good option for weddings and parties. You can even find paper towels that are made of recycled materials to reduce your environmental footprint. The folding technique you choose for your paper towels can also make them more attractive. You can try out a variety of folds, including fan fold, zig-zag, or twist, to increase their efficiency and presentation.


Whether you’re hosting a wedding, birthday party or dinner event, personalized paper hand towels add an elegant touch to your tablescape and show your guests that you have a keen eye for detail. Moreover, they are an affordable advertising tool that spreads your brand name far and wide. Choose from a variety of designs, material options and embossing patterns to create a custom design that suits your needs.

Paper towels are a common household item, used for everything from drying hands and wiping surfaces disposable bath towels to cleaning glass and mirrors. They’re also considered more hygienic than sharing cloth towels or using hot-air hand dryers. They’re available in a range of colors and styles, from plain white to colorful and printed versions with logos. You can even find biodegradable, recycled or lint-free varieties for a more eco-friendly option.

Choose linen-feel monogrammed guest hand towels to pamper guests with luxury in any powder room or public wedding venue bathroom. They’re softer and thicker than standard paper towels and feel like cloth for superior absorbency. They’re also disposable, hygienic and easy to clean. You can even get them foil-imprinted to match other wedding and party accessories, including cocktail napkins, stadium cups and tablecloths for a coordinated look. Unlock more customization options such as material, layer, size and packaging with bulk orders.