3Pole RF Handle

Derating Techniques for a 6-Pole RF Handle

RF power handling is critical to maintaining system performance. Errors in the RF frontend lead to end-to-end insertion loss, isolation degradation, and power peaking. This application note discusses derating techniques for a range of RF switches.

This consists of a heated handle that emits red light and helps tighten skin after the vacuum or cavitation handle is used. It is commonly used on areas like face cheek, chin and forehead.

-6 Polar Radio Frequency + Vacuum Handle

The 6 Polar Handle is heated and emits red light. It is used to tighten or firm the skin after the vacuum handle or cavitation treatment has been utilized. It is a small hand held device that can be used on areas such as the Neck, Arms and Body.

It focuses the thermal energy effect on the dermal layer of the skin, fast reaching45-60 deg C and create warm to make the collagen in the skin thicken, achieve skin lifting and reduce wrinkles effect. It can be used around the eyes,face cheek and chin.

This state-of-the-art handle combines negative air pressure with RF nodes to contour, remove cellulite and tighten arms, butt, thighs and tummy. It also assists with moving liquefied fat towards the lymph nodes to facilitate drainage. It is the perfect complement to the Cavitation and Vacuum Fat Removal treatments. It is a safe, effective and painless treatment. The results are long lasting and the treatment sessions are quick and comfortable. It is an excellent choice for clients who want to firm and tone their bodies without surgery.

-6 Polar Radio Frequency Handle

This handle mainly uses the thermal effect of radio frequency to contact dermis layer of skin, promote collagen regeneration, achieve the skin lifting, firming reduce wrinkles effect. It is used on areas like eyes, face cheek, chin and forehead.

This equipment is a 10 in 1 cavitation vacuum rf body face lifting machines which includes 40K 3-Pole RF Handle ultrasonic cavitation, 6 polar radio frequency, bi-polar radio frequency, photon hand piece and cold hammer. It helps to reduce fat, tighten the skin, improve blood circulation and eliminate cellulite, wrinkles, acne. It has many advantages and is a good choice for spa owners.

-Bi-Polar Radio Frequency Handle

There are two types of RF handpieces available on our cavitation rf body face lifting machines, monopolar and bipolar. Monopolar is the default option that is provided with all machines as it is the cheapest and easiest to use. Bipolar is a more advanced option that offers improved efficiency, control and efficacy over the monopolar device.

A monopolar RF handpiece has one active electrode that emits electromagnetic energy into the client’s skin. The electrical current passes through the tissue and reaches the negative grounding pad attached to the client’s lower back, which completes the circuit. The RF energy then travels back to the handpiece and is transmitted through the other 3-Pole RF Handle active electrode. This type of RF treatment can cause slight redness in the treated area afterward.

On the other hand, bipolar RF has a pair of electrodes that are positioned parallel to each other on the client’s skin. The RF current flows between the electrodes, penetrating the tissue and reaching the subcutaneous fat layer up to 20 mm below the skin’s surface. This enables the RF treatment to tighten the skin more effectively, reduce wrinkles and improve the complexion of the skin.

Surgical RF is a more extensive procedure that involves inserting the RF probe below the skin to apply high-frequency heating in the deep dermal layers, tightening loose skin on the arms, stomach and legs. The procedure can also be used to treat cellulite and reduce stretch marks on the skin.

-Tri-Polar Radio Frequency Handle

The RF Handle uses the thermal energy effect of radio frequency to contact the dermis layer of skin, promote collagen regeneration and achieve tightening reduce wrinkles effect. It is used on the neck, cheek and double chin, arms and body.

Tri-polar RF technology uses three different kinds of polarity in the same electrode pair to increase treatment effectiveness. The RF current travels in different paths through the layers of the skin due to this polarity, which allows the RF current to heat the deep layers of the skin more effectively, resulting in better results with less treatments.

It consists of a negative grounding pad connected to the generator and a positive RF electrode on the RF handpiece. This enables the RF current to pass through all the layers of the skin, including the subcutaneous fat layer 20mm below the surface.

Bipolar RF handpieces have poles in sets of two; negative and positive, and they’re commonly used in professional RF facial machines and at-home devices. This type of RF heats only the small area of tissue between the two electrodes, reaching about 2-4mm below the skin’s surface. Bipolar RF is less effective than monopolar RF for the face and body.