If you’re someone from Las Vegas you might be very well aware of all the casino and gambling games hype. Table games are not a new invention, they existed for ages and they did lose their place somewhere in the middle of the digital revolution in the late 90s and early 20s. Despite all, gambling table games are still a thing, liked by many people globally. These games are found readily at casinos, gaming centers, and in the kid’s play area at malls. 

TAS Fish Table Machine Games 

Time-space animation technology is a game manufacturing company that has its center in Guangzhou china. They are here in this market for over 20 years, with an experienced team of individuals for research, development, and sales. Their main products are fish games, slot games, and game software. Over the past years, 500 plus custom fish, bet, and slot games are developed for global customers. 

All TAS games have HQ images, long-lasting hardware, and time to time software updates. They aim to deliver the best quality games, with no compromise on the quality hence Time-space technology delivers efficient after-sales services to its customers. 

TAS Gaming Software 

TAS has various game software for fish, slot, and bet games. Most of their software is upgraded to 50 levels and up to 10 player configurations. All gaming software has HQ 3D graphics with unique fish characters. TAS also has over 50 game applications for mobile phones. Their phone game apps have over 10 thousand online prayers every time. 

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