When it pertains to gel manicures, a base coat is equally as essential as the gel gloss itself. Nevertheless, you would not repaint a residence without using primer initially, would certainly you? It’s basically the exact same thing. 

The primer preps your wall surface for the paint to ensure that it lasts longer as well as chips less– and that’s exactly what a skim coat provides for your nails. It prepares your nails for the gel nail polish so that it lasts longer as well as chips much less.

But one of the greatest blunders we see with gel manicures is that women skip the skim coat due to the fact that they think it’s not needed. Not real! Applying a base coat is extremely essential to prepare your nails for a gel manicure.

When you use a skim coat, you are doing greater than simply producing a sticky layer for the gel gloss to adhere to. You are additionally using it as a foundation or guide to help safeguard your natural nails from discoloration and staining. A skim coat can also assist even out the surface of your nails if they have ridges or peeling.

A quality basecoat will certainly bond with your nail, developing a smooth surface that gel polish adheres to well. Furthermore, a lot of gloss has pigments in them that can discolor your nails, so using a layer of the skim coat before applying your gloss will aid shield your nails from getting tarnished.

Overall, if you do not use the base, you risk having lifting problems in which the gel gloss will start to peel off too soon. Eliminate this from happening by applying the skim coat properly!

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