The Triple Watch Winder

A watch winder is a great way to store your automatic timepieces for extended periods of time without having to go through the trouble of resetting them. It also allows you to keep a favorite heirloom piece fully wound for special occasions.

This Triple Watch Winder offers four different program settings to match most watches, as well as three rotation modes (clockwise, counterclockwise, and bidirectional). It’s powered by a quiet Mabuchi motor that can operate on AC power or D battery power.


The Triple Watch Winder is the perfect solution for those who have a large collection of watches. They are able to hold up to three timepieces at once and can be securely stored, making it easy to switch which one is being wound. Some of these winders have a few slots for each timepiece, while others have a number of storage compartments.

Besides the convenience of having multiple watches stored, the watch winder also serves as a presentation piece. Depending on the design, these cases can have a tempered glass window that displays your timepieces while you are winding them.

In addition, most watch winders have a modern touchscreen that lets you control the settings for each rotor separately. This allows you to set the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day for each watch. This will ensure that you have the best possible way of winding each watch, which is a must for collectors.

Many automatic watches require a certain amount of turn-per-day (TPD) to maintain their accuracy. This can be between 650 and 950 TPD, but it’s best to check your specific timepiece’s user guide.

These settings are important for the longevity of your timepieces, which can be affected by a high level of wear and tear. This means that it’s important to choose a watch winder with a high-quality motor.

Some models feature ball-bearing motors that save energy and are more quiet than belt-driven ones. They are also more durable, allowing you to use your winder for years without it breaking down.

Other watch winders are designed to provide overwind protection, which prevents your watches from overwinding themselves and putting unnecessary wear on the movement of the timepiece. This is an especially helpful feature for a watch that is sensitive to temperature change or has a complicated mechanical system.

Wolf offers several luxury double watch winders in their range, including the Wolf Axis, which features laser-cut perforated steel, a microsuede interior and locking glass cover. This model also has a backlit LCD display, and it can accommodate an additional three watches in the top storage compartment.


A watch winder is a device that can keep an automatic watch running while it’s not being worn. These devices are a must-have for any watch lover who wants to ensure their collection is always ready for a wear and tear.

It also helps prolong the life of the movement as it reduces the risk of lubricating oil not getting pushed to its maximum level. This can lead to clumps of lubricating oil and a reduction in the overall viscosity, which could eventually cause damage to the movement.

The Triple Watch Winder is a perfect solution for anyone who loves to collect watches and who wants to store them properly. It offers storage space for up to three watches and is equipped with a number of different functions, including a sleep mode and multiple TPD settings.

When choosing a watch winder, make sure to choose bluetooth door lock one that is appropriate for your particular watch style. Some watches self-wind under a single rotation and others need to be wound bidirectionally, so it’s important to find a watch winder that can accommodate all your needs.

Once you’ve selected a watch winder, it’s time to configure its settings. The most critical settings to pay attention to are speed, direction, and idle time.

If the speed of the winder is too low, it will cause your watch to lose energy faster than it is collected; if it’s too fast, it’ll overwind and weaken the movement. This can be harmful to the movement of your watch, which may require replacement sooner than usual.

In addition, if you have an automatic watch that does not automatically wind itself, it’s also essential to select a watch winder that has an option for that specific model. For example, if your watch has a slipping bridle that prevents it from being overwound, you need to make sure that the watch winder can configure this feature properly.

Fortunately, many watch winders are designed with a variety of features that allow them to accommodate various types of automatic watches. These include different speeds and rotation directions, as well as a bluetooth door lock range of TPD options. In addition, some models are available with a sleep mode to prevent overwinding.


Watch winders are useful devices that help keep automatic watches wound in a safe and convenient way. They are becoming increasingly popular as people collect more watches and want to preserve the time, date and other functions while they’re not being worn.

There are many different models to choose from, each with unique features. Some are more advanced than others, offering a variety of settings for the number of rotations per day (TPD).

The design of a watch winder is an important aspect to consider when shopping for one. The design should reflect your style and be functional. It should also look great in your home or office.

A good design will have a soft, comfortable cushion pillow or spring loaded holder for your watch. This holder will be constructed to protect your watch from scratches while ensuring it remains securely mounted on the winder.

It should also be designed so that your watch can be positioned correctly for optimal display. It should be able to stop winding with each watch in position, ideally face-up and vertical for all to see.

Some watch winders have a sleep function that allows them to run in low-noise mode. This feature is popular amongst people who are concerned about noise in their bedroom or other quiet spaces.

There are a few different models that offer this feature, and opinions on the benefits vary widely. While it’s not a bad idea, most watch winders do not need this functionality to operate efficiently.

Another important factor is how the watch winder’s motor runs. Some have a single motor that rotates clockwise, while others use a series of motors to wind the watches. This can make it difficult to control if you have multiple watches in the case.

Underwood watch winders use high-quality Maxon A-max DC motors that feature world-wide patented ironless rotors. These motors are designed to be quiet and efficient, with minimal power consumption. The rotors also have an internal design that separates them from the watches and reduces magnetization.


In order to get the most out of your watch, you need to know how to properly care for it. That includes cleaning and storing it correctly, and of course, winding it. If you don’t do these things, you can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your watch. The good news is that you can easily protect your timepiece from this damage by using a watch winder.

A watch winder is designed to keep your watch in good condition by allowing it to spin regularly and without having to be manually wound. This process allows the watch to capture energy from the motion of your wrist and use it to maintain a constant internal temperature, which helps to avoid corrosion. It also keeps the movement of your watch steady, which is essential for maintaining precision and keeping your watches in top working order.

There are many different types of watch winders on the market, some of which are more expensive than others. While a cheap winder can be less than $100, an expensive one can easily cost thousands of dollars. It’s important to be able to recognize the differences in price and quality, as a cheaper model may not last as long as a more expensive version.

If you have a large watch collection, you’ll need a watch winder with enough space to accommodate all of your watches. This Viceroy watch winder has space to hold six of your most-used watches, and it’s crafted in rich faux leather with a glass cover and silk lining.

It can be powered by AC or batteries, has three directional settings and precisely counts the number of rotations for your watches. Plus, you can choose from a variety of different programs to suit your specific needs.

This JQueen dual watch winder is a popular choice among over 1,400 five-star reviewers. It’s «well made» and «looks great,» according to one owner, who praises its quiet operation and a large display window for monitoring the unit.

Wolf is another trusted brand, with a range of watch winders to suit all tastes and budgets. Their Cub Single Watch Winder is the best value option for a one-watch winder, while their larger Roadster and Perpetua II options offer space for multiple watches.