Women’s Active Wear Wholesale Helps Fitness Enthusiasts Feel Confident and Comfortable

Get the most out of your workouts with women’s active wear wholesale. The right garments will help your customers feel confident and comfortable, so they can focus on improving their fitness.

A quality sportswear fabric should feel soft on the skin, allow movement and adapt to changing weather conditions. Choose shirts and tanks with striped elements, color blocking or lace-up features to boost their performance.

UV Protective Polyester T-Shirts

When shopping for workout apparel, look for fabrics that block UV rays. Shirts made with polyester tend to have the best protection against UV radiation, especially when they’re darker and tightly woven. Some fabrics, including cotton and denim, can provide sun-protection by themselves as long as they aren’t bleached or dyed (which removes UV-blocking phenolics).

In general, thicker fibres offer more protection, but the way the fabric is knitted or woven is also important. Knitted fabrics tend to have smaller holes, so they offer more protection. And in some cases, sunscreen additives can boost protection, too.

Breathability is also a consideration. Shirts made with tighter weaves typically have better breathability than looser ones, but this varies between brands and styles. Also, some fabrics lose their UV-protective properties when they’re wet, while others don’t.

Choose an activewear manufacturer that produces a wide selection of wholesale women’s athletic clothing in your preferred style and color. A one-stop shop supplier can help you create a cohesive collection of sportswear that’s stylish, comfortable and high quality. They can even help you with your logo and label design, if you need assistance. And don’t forget to negotiate pricing and terms. The best companies will work with you to ensure that your business thrives. They will be happy to give you lower volume discounts if your orders are large enough.

Wind-Resistant Sweatshirts

The wind may feel like a formidable foe on blustery days, but these sweatshirts sold at women’s athletic wear wholesale can hold their own. Many styles feature striped elements, color blocking or women’s athletic wear wholesale lace-up features to create a stylish but sporty look. Some even boast moisture-wicking fabrics, which pull sweat away from the body as temperatures rise, to keep athletes comfortable and dry as they work up a sweat.

Unlike traditional heavyweight fleece apparel, wind-resistant styles offer a thinner fabric that blocks out the wind without weighing the wearer down. This makes them a great layering piece under t-shirts or on its own when the weather is just a little breezy and cool. They also are far more breathable than rain jackets, which can leave the wearer feeling clammy and overheated.

Many of these styles also have cutting-edge design elements such as odor resistance to combat unwanted body odors and stain resistance to fight unsightly grass, sweat, or dirt stains. This means they can be worn over and over again without becoming smelly or dirty.

The brand names at this athletic wear wholesale company are some of the best in the industry and rival top-tier athleisure brands. Veetrends offers these styles in unisex adult, ladies and youth sizes so that anyone looking to get active can find their ideal workout attire.

Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

Moisture-wicking fabrics are used to make activewear and sports clothes that pull sweat away from the body, causing it to evaporate more quickly. This allows the fabric to stay cool and dry, limiting bacteria growth and prevents odors from developing. In addition, moisture-wicking fabrics also help regulate the body’s temperature and keep the wearer comfortable.

These fabrics are often made from synthetic fibers, such as polyester and polypropylene. They use a process known as capillary action, wherein water molecules are drawn through tiny spaces in the fabric to the outer surface of the weave. This causes the moisture to be pushed through the fabric’s pores and into the air, which can then evaporate quickly.

This is different from cotton, which has a natural affinity for water and absorbs it into the fibers, making it feel heavy and damp on the skin. Using these moisture-wicking materials, like polyester and merino wool, can help prevent the buildup of sweat, which may cause odors or chafing during a workout.

These fabrics can be found in a variety of women’s athletic and workout clothes, including shirts, shorts, tights, and socks. They can be form-fitting or loose, with a range of sleeve lengths. They can even be a bit stretchy, which helps to allow the skin to move freely without constricting it.

Raglans & Henleys

Whether your customers are athletes, fitness enthusiasts or even school teams, they want clothes that can stand up to a rigorous workout. These wholesale athletic t-shirts for women and men feature sweat-resistant fabrics that prevent odors, keep colors bright, and reduce the appearance of grass, sweat, or dirt stains. Some sexy one piece bathing suit styles also have reversible color blocks to change up your look. Choose from a variety of wholesale t-shirts at ShirtSpace, including classic vintage, crew neck, and v-neck styles with short or long sleeves.

Henleys are a popular choice for workout apparel, as they’re stylish and comfortable. The best henley wholesale suppliers stock these types of tops in both casual and sporty options, as well as unisex, tall and petite sizes. They also offer a range of colors, so you can find the perfect style to suit your store’s aesthetic.

To sell sportswear in your online shop, you’ll need a reliable apparel supplier that can meet your deadlines. Ask about their lead times before deciding on a company, and be sure to test your designs before signing a contract. A quality supplier can provide you with samples to show you their product quality, and some even offer one- or two-day rush orders.