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3sixteen – Heavy-Weight Cotton T-Shirts

Aside from the obvious (they’re thicker and heavier than their lightweight counterparts), heavy-weight tees also achieve some things that lighter shirts can’t. For example, 3sixteen’s 260-gsm milled jersey cotton creates a boxier fit that looks really cool and carries a wider size range to support inclusivity.

In apparel, a fabric’s weight refers to its designated thickness per square yard. To learn more about the difference between light, medium, and heavy-weight tees, check out this article.

Carhartt University Script T-Shirt

The original workwear label Carhartt is a master when it comes to crafting premium apparel made from quality, durable fabrics, and this t-shirt is no exception. The cotton jersey tee has short sleeves, a ribbed crew neckline and the brand’s signature university-script logo print on the chest for a timeless design. Pair it with cargo pants for an authentic everyday look. Carhartt WIP has been the European incarnation of the American trailblazer since 1989, elevating its signature workwear-inspired aesthetic for new audiences and cultivating organic relationships with icons from across underground scenes – from musicians to skateboarders. The company continues to push the boundaries of contemporary style, delivering elevated everyday staples that are revered in streetwear culture globally. – Made from soft cotton jersey. – Screen-printed Carhartt University script logo on left chest.

Banana Republic Heavyweight Cotton T-Shirt

In the not-too-distant past, sailors, soldiers and farmers all knew the value of a good heavyweight shirt. Those thick fabrics kept you warm, were less likely to chafe and were designed to stand up to tough wear heavy-weight cotton t-shirts and tear. Today, while most t-shirts have dropped in thickness and weight, you can still find some made with sturdy cotton. Those thicker fabrics are ideal for cooler weather, especially here in the northeast where fall is just starting to arrive.

The Carhartt University Script T-Shirt is an excellent choice for rugged men looking for a tough, long-sleeved tee that’ll look great with jeans or work pants. It’s a 100% machine washable tee that uses extra-dense yarn to add weight and has a straight hem with a chest pocket for style. The shirt is also designed to shrink slightly in the first wash (1″ in the chest and 2″ in the length), so you might want to consider sizing up.

Banana Republic, the high-end GAP brand, also makes a great line of tees that will work with a dressier wardrobe. The company’s tees use a dense, 6-oz cotton and have a relaxed fit. The brand’s shirts also feature minimal stretch, which means they don’t shrunk in the washing machine and will fit most body types well.

If you prefer something more sustainable, check out Everlane’s Premium-Weight Crew. This tee is made from recycled fabrics that are shredded and respun to produce this 6.2-oz shirt that’s both stylish and comfortable. The denser tee feels weighty to the touch and gets softer with repeated wear and washing.

Another sustainable option is the Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee. This tee is made from upcycled fabric that would otherwise be discarded, but repurposed into a heavyweight shirt with a ribbed collar and shoulders that fit snugly on the body. The tee is available in several colors and will elevate jeans or even more formal pants.

Everlane Premium-Weight Crew

Like its name suggests, Everlane is a transparent company that lets you know exactly what each product costs to make (plus shipping and raw materials). This particular shirt is crafted from organic heavyweight 6oz cotton. «It’s a lot thicker than your standard fast-fashion tee,» says Commerce Editor Daniela Galvez, who describes it as «deceptively comfortable in the way that you don’t have to take it off at the end of the day.»

Another option to consider is this Ibex tee, which is crafted from 100% recycled polyester. According to Cormier, this fabric is «great for tees that you’ll wear often in hot weather» because it wicks away moisture and can help keep you cool. It also biodegrades faster than other fabrics in landfills and won’t need to be washed as frequently, which is good news for the planet.

The oversized silhouette of this tee makes it great for layering, and its 97 percent cotton and 1% elastane blend offers a little stretch without feeling constricting. Plus, its wide crew neck is super comfy, according to Business Insider editor Chuka Ugwu-Oju. «I’ve worn this tee as much as anything else in my wardrobe and it hasn’t pilled, faded, or shown any signs of wear,» he writes.

If you prefer a slimmer fit, check out the merino wool version of this tee from Swedish minimalist essentials brand Arket. This is another one that’s made in the US, and it comes in a range of colors to match your personality. Arket is new to the high-street, but it’s a welcome addition for those who want to shop with an ethical mindset.

If you’re a fan of American Apparel, then check out Dov Charney’s follow-up brand, which offers similar pared-back basics at fair prices and ethically sourced materials. The brand’s ultra-soft, premium 7 oz cotton tee is available in several different colors and features a rounded hem that’s ideal for wearing with your favorite jeans. The tee is available in both V-neck and scoop neck options.

3Sixteen Set

3sixteen is a New York City based brand that specializes in hard-wearing workwear silhouettes updated with premium materials and quality American manufacturing. The company’s collections are built around a consistent theme: that only garments with character get better with age. This is an ethos that extends to the brand’s entire collection, from its jeans and tops to its leather goods and bags, each piece bearing subtle marks of wear and tear that will become more evident with continued use.

One of the most popular items in 3sixteen’s core collection is their heavyweight sweatshirt. Unlike most other sweatshirts on the market, this shirt is made from a 500gsm heavyweight cotton fleece, a heftier fabric than what you’d find on a typical hoodie. This gives it a more rugged feel that can hold up to a lot of wear and tear, but also ensures that it’ll remain warm and comfortable even after extensive washing.

To create the right shade of blue for this heavy-weight cotton t-shirts piece, 3sixteen worked with a local wash house to develop a multi-stage process that includes pumice stone washes and light bleaching. Rather than using traditional water-based bleach, the wash house uses a mixture of carbonated and oxygenated water that helps to keep the color from bleeding or running. The result is a dark blue that will get lighter with each subsequent wash and wear.

The garment is cut and sewn in San Francisco at the same factory where the brand’s jeans are made. It features a double-needle coverstitched hem and neck, along with a triple-needle «Never Sag» collar that will stay tight around the neck over extended periods of time. In addition, the sleeves are a straight fit and feature cuffs with two neps.

3sixteen is renowned for its black denim tuxedos, but the brand has recently added a natural set to their line-up, too. The brand’s modern Type 3S and Chino are both available in this natural ecru denim, which is hot-washed and line-dried to achieve a naturally faded, weathered look.

While the set isn’t as textured as the black tuxedo, it still has some notable details including tonal white stitching, nickel 3sixteen embossed hardware, and felled seams with bar-tack reinforcements throughout. The garments are available now through Artisan Deluxe.