Wood Card

A Wood Card is an Original Way to Share a Message of Love

A Wood Card is an original way to share a message of love. Show that special someone that you’re thinking about them with a beautiful card laser cut from sustainable wood.

Each card is unique, with color variations between them that makes it a one of a kind gift. Plus, for every card purchased we plant a tree.

Wooden Debit Card

The Wooden Debit Card – which is currently only available in the US and a number of EU markets – allows consumers to make payments and withdraw cash from banks and ATMs without using plastic cards. It is a physical debit card made from sustainably sourced cherry tree wood, and works just like a traditional credit or debit card with support for chip and PIN and contactless transactions.

The product is launched by a UK fintech Wood Card startup called Treecard. Founded by four Londoners, it is seeded by eco-friendly search engine Ecosia and channels 80% of its profits into reforestation projects worldwide. It uses interchange fees to reforest as users spend and is backed by an app that helps cardholders track spending, split bills with friends and monitor how many trees they have helped plant as a result of their transactions.

Each Treecard is made from a single piece of FSC-certified cherry wood which can be manufactured from a single tree, meaning it is less environmentally destructive than plastic cards and cuts down on the use of virgin materials. The card also has a chip – which is made from recycled plastic bottles – to ensure it is fully recyclable.

This makes it a much more ethical product than traditional plastic cards, and the fact that it has a unique wood grain adds to its aesthetic appeal too. The card is linked to a user’s current bank account, making it easy and convenient to integrate into a consumer’s spending habits.

The product operates over the Mastercard network and uses back-end card processing services from Synapse. It acts as a fully fledged debit account, able to receive top-up from a user’s regular bank account and supporting chip and PIN, contactless transactions and mobile payments. It can be used in the same way as a normal card and comes backed by an app which allows users to track their spending, split bills with friends and monitor how much money they have contributed to the reforestation of trees around the world.

Wooden Credit Card

Despite its reputation for being hardy and durable, wood isn’t always the best material for your wallet. With a little care, though, a wooden credit card can be just as dependable as a plastic one.

The slickest way to go is by signing up for the free – and oh so eco-friendly – Treecard MasterCard, which is available in several European markets and a few select US states. The card is a good-looking wooden debit card with a nifty app that lets you track your spending, split bills with your friends, and best of all, it makes a difference by supporting reforestation via the not for profit search engine Ecosia.

This is a great way to promote your clients’ environmental awareness while getting some cool knick knacks in the process! It’s not cheap – you can get it in the mail for around $40 – but it may be worth the outlay, especially if you want to impress your clients with your eco-friendly credentials.

You can see more photos of the product on the company’s website, or contact them directly.

Wooden Business Card

A wooden business card is a great way to make a statement about your company. It can help your customers learn more about the products you create and show off your expertise.

Wooden cards are also more environmentally friendly than paper business cards. They are made from bamboo, a sustainable resource that does not require the use of chemicals and pesticides. They are also very durable, so they last longer than traditional paper cards.

These cards are printed with laser etching and a hand-finished edge, and they can be customized to meet your specific needs. For example, if you are a flooring expert, you might want to etch the image of a floor tile or other construction material.

In addition to helping you communicate with your customers, a wooden card can also add a touch of elegance to any workspace. This is especially true for businesses with a more upscale atmosphere, as it can complement their overall decor and increase the amount of business that they receive.

Using a wooden business card can help you stand out from the competition and show that you are an experienced craftsman who takes pride in his work. A professionally designed and printed wooden card will help potential clients find out more about your skills, allowing them to trust you as the best choice for their wood-related needs.

For many wood workers, the most important thing about their business card is that it reflects their brand and their unique abilities. Whether you specialize in wood burning, furniture making, or another type of wood-related service, a wooden business card will let people know that your company is the best choice for their needs.

A professional business card can also include additional features that can help you get more business, such as double-sided printing and QR codes that can be scanned by a smartphone to send customers to a website with more information. You can even have these cards printed in a special design that showcases your favorite wood product, or one that tells a story about how you came to be a wood worker.

Wooden Contact Card

Wooden cards are a unique and stylish way to present your contact information. Aside from a great looking design, they can also be a lot more durable than paper business cards. In addition, they are environmentally friendly and recyclable, which is important for businesses that want to go green.

There are many types of wooden cards available, but the most popular include bamboo, cherry, and maple. They are often printed on Wood Card recycled paper, and they can be engraved or etched with designs and patterns. Some are even made out of wood from responsibly managed forests.

One of the most interesting uses for a wooden card is to display an NFC tag. This tag can be placed on the front of the card, and it can then be tapped against an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet to share your contact information with other users. This technology is particularly useful for businesses that have a high customer base, as it can increase the number of interactions between potential customers and their representatives.

Another great use for a wooden business card is to store gift coupons. These are commonly used for retail checkout stations and dentist offices. These displays are a great way to organize and display gift certificates, while adding an upscale look to any home or professional office.

Some of these holders can hold up to a full stack of gift certificates, while others are smaller and more compact. Some of these displays have a rich stained finish that adds warmth to any decor. They are typically found in upscale offices and can be used to showcase calling credentials and gift certificates for clients or employees.

Aside from displaying cards, they can be used to organize and store other important items such as receipts, bills, and notes. These wood organizers are a great way to save space in a business or home office and can be used for years to come.

A wooden NFC business card is a clever way to save money, time, and the environment by sharing information on the go. It allows you to quickly and easily share information with other users without the need for an app, and they are a fun and easy alternative to traditional paper business cards.

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