cell phone batteries

The problem of cell phone batteries is quite common nowadays. People complain that batteries won’t last long, especially in smartphones. The majority of them carry an extra power bank to charge their phones during work hours which is stressful. To avoid such a situation, here are some productivity strategies which you can adopt. If you are looking for best electronic gadgets and products then you are at right place! 

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Using silicon anode batteries

Majorly a decade ago, everyone preferred to use lithium-ion batteries. But, as the technological world progressed, these batteries are replaced by silicon anode batteries. Silicon material introduced in batteries offers a tenfold increase in capacity. It is known that the silicon swells, and it wears the battery over time. But due to recent advancements in this field, silicon 

batteries are manufactured so that an expanded room and space is created in the encasing of batteries which leaves room for the microscopic silicon particles to grow.

Using solid-state Li-ion batteries

Solid-state includes the older versions of cell phone batteries containing liquid and flammable electrolytes, replaced with a solid material. The solid material now used is the solid ion-conducting material. This feature has many advantages, such as they are energy dense and have improved safety measures. Solid-state lithium-ion batteries have a solid polymer that is flame resistant and can work efficiently at room temperature.

Using energy harvesting nano-generators

It is estimated that in the upcoming future, mobile phone users will get the benefits of the feature in which their cell phone battery will charge through their body heat. Such technology is named energy harvesting nano-generators. These nano-generators are known to produce electricity mechanically through body movements, frictions, and body waves.

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