We must have seen how people from different parts of the world dress, behave, display gestures, and whatnot. They all represent their roots from where they belong. But a few things are also seen common of people from different backgrounds and values. 

One thing that I have seen in common is the fabric material. Regardless of the different cultural dresses that we all have, the fabric, the hand embroidery work, the use of pearls, sequins, and beads are seen everywhere. They might style such fabrics in their ways the pattern of embroidery is somewhat similar. For instance, women wearing floral dresses are not a cultural thing, it is a more gender-oriented thing. 

Get All Your Fancy Dress Fabric from Top-One

Top-One is a manufacturing company that has secured its place in the fabric market for over 12 years. They have built their factory in Guangzhou, where they manufacture fancy, floral, and embroidery laces and fabrics for women globally. 

Top-One takes OEM and ODM fabric orders and guarantees to provide a quality fabric that will help you gain happy loyal customers. To explore that complete range of delicate hand-worked fabrics view now and are a part of Top-One family

Three Ways to Style Top- One’s Embroidery Laces 

  • Long frocks and gowns can be made from these beautiful net beaded laces. 
  • You can use Top-One’s fill sequin fabric for your sari blouse. 
  • Stitch your dining table runner and curtain pallet from Top-One’s Lace fabric. 

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