What should I wear on vacation? You’ve probably asked yourself this question before. If you follow our fashionable travel tips, you are guaranteed to make a good impression on vacation.

Beware of Skimpy Clothing:

It’s normal these days to show some bare skin. It is fashionable and often wonderfully comfortable, especially in summer. However, it is not normal to stroll around in super tight shorts and a spaghetti strap top everywhere. Therefore, take a look around to see how the locals dress. Even if they show a lot of skin: Bring on the short skirts and tight shorts.

The solution: Pack an airy casual women’s shirt or a long blouse. You can simply pull these over if you spontaneously decide not to spend the whole day on the beach. A large, light scarf is also ideal for hiding bare shoulders or it can be quickly converted into a skirt.

Shoes On or Off?

The situation: In many countries, it is common practice to take off your shoes before entering a house or a certain room. Anything else would be impolite. In other places, people look funny when you suddenly come along in your socks or barefoot.

The solution: Check whether there is a shoe rack somewhere in the entrance area or whether other people’s shoes are already lying around. In public buildings, signs sometimes indicate that you should take off your shoes.

The Fanny Pack is Making a Comeback:

How could you always recognize tourists immediately? On her fanny pack. But the long-mocked pouch is back in fashion. Whether you wear the fanny pack around your waist/hip or sling it loosely over your shoulder, it might just be the most practical style accessory out there.

The solution: There’s nothing wrong with wearing a fanny pack if you like it. Anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable with the practical bag is better off packing a small, chic backpack or a shoulder bag.

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