coin operated claw machine

Coin Operated Claw Machine

Claw machine is a vending machine that has a claw attached to it and can be used to grab a prize or toy. They are popular in many locations such as arcades, restaurants and hotels!

These machines are a fun skill game and can be a money maker for businesses that sell them. They are also a good way to attract repeat players.


A coin operated claw machine is a popular amusement device that can be found in arcades, laundromats, sports venues, and restaurants. Its gameplay requires the player to manipulate the claw to grab a prize, which may include candy, small toys, and other prizes.

The operator controls the motion of the claw by manipulating a joystick 7 or one or more buttons 9 for a predetermined time and/or earlier if he/she presses a trigger button 9. The crane 8 is then moved back, forth, or sideways and attempts to grip or grasp a prize that is in its way. When a prize is successfully grabbed, the claw 8 descends or drops down into an opening 16 and dispenses its contents through a chute 17 that leads to a hatch for collection.

Different machines have different ways to vary the strength of their claws, as well as the payout percentage for winning a prize. A claw strength setting can be adjusted by the machine owner, based on factors like operator skill and the types of prizes they plan to use.

For example, a claw strength setting that matches the direction the claw is moving can help reduce how many times toys fall out of the crane and into the chute. This can be useful if the machine is at a busy venue and players are prone to losing their patience when a prize doesn’t land in the basket, said Jayden, who works at an arcade.

Other factors that can affect the claw’s success rate are the type of prizes being dispensed and how the prize is placed inside the machine. For example, a prize placed in the wrong location could cause it to fall down the crane, and a prize that is too heavy or large for the claw may not be picked up as easily, said Claw Coach.

Some claw machines also use a microchip to program the machine’s chances of dropping a prize. Whether this is done via a computer or manually by an operator, it allows a machine to be rigged for the maximum chance of winning a prize, which can increase profits.


Claw machines are a type of coin operated amusement machine. They are usually found in arcades, laundromats, restaurants, and amusement parks. These machines offer players a chance to win small prizes, such as plush toys, candy mixes, and other novelties.

These machines are popular for their skill intensive gameplay, and the player must control the movement of the claw in order to successfully catch a prize inside. The way that this is done differs between machines, but generally the claw can be moved back and forth or sideways.

The claw may be manipulated using buttons, a joystick, or both. It can be moved in four directions, and it may also be pushed down to grab a prize below.

Some machines use a skill intensive “up and across” gameplay system. This system is most common in Asia and Europe, and allows the user to move their claw forward and then sideways.

Other machines use a less skill intensive “joystick” style of play, where the player controls the movement of the claw with coin operated claw machine a single button. This makes it easier for inexperienced players to learn how to use the game.

In addition, some machines can be changed from skill play to a “win-every-time” mode by the operator of the machine. This change is made in the settings of the machine and can be done at any time.

A claw machine is also a great way to attract repeat players to your game room. This is because the gameplay requires repeated, practice plays.

These games are a good way to bring in extra income, and they can be a great addition to your business. They also provide a fun skill game for both young and old.

Besides the skills involved, winning a claw machine is also a matter of luck. There are several factors that play a role in this, including the type of toys you have available, the strength and configuration of your claw, and the machine itself.

In addition, there are a number of rigged machines out there, and the best way to avoid them is by playing with an experienced player. This way, you can make sure that your odds of winning are as even as possible.


Claw machines are a fun and popular arcade game that can be found in many locations. These include game arcades, convenience stores and amusement parks. These machines allow players to win prizes by inserting coins and operating the claws.

While these arcade games are not as regulated as slot machines, they still have to be safe for people to play. A reliable locking system can prevent theft and vandalism, keeping all the money and merchandise inside the machine secure.

To help ensure that the claws on these machines are not rigged, some manufacturers have implemented security measures such as anti-theft devices and automatic shut off mechanisms. These features are designed to protect the machine from damage and theft, which can lead to a loss of income for the operator.

In addition to security measures, some manufacturers also have a number of features that make it easier for players to win. For example, a claw can be weakened after a certain amount of time, reducing the chance that it will be caught by a player.

Some machines even have instant replay, which allows a player to drop the claw back in its original position before it drops down to the home position. These features are not available on all machines, but they can help players win more often.

Another way that claw machines can be rigged is by increasing the strength of the claws. This can coin operated claw machine be done through the use of potentiometers that vary the voltage to the coil that runs the claw.

Additionally, some machines have operator adjustable payout rates, which enable the owner to set how often a prize should be paid out. This can reduce the cost of a prize and increase profits for the machine operator.

These features are designed to keep the machines safe for both players and employees. They can also ensure that the machines are able to be operated smoothly, which will improve customer satisfaction and increase the chances of winning prizes.

These machines are a great way to entertain and amuse customers, and they can be profitable for the operator as long as they are maintained properly. However, they do require a high level of skill to win prizes.


Whether you’re looking to add a fun and unique feature to your business or simply looking for an amusement that’s easy on the eyes, a coin operated claw machine is an excellent choice. Adding this kind of entertainment option is sure to get the attention of a crowd and can be a great way to increase revenue. However, it’s important to take some basic precautions to ensure the best possible results.

One of the most important things to do is to install and maintain your claw machine correctly. This is especially true if you want it to keep functioning for a long time to come. A little maintenance can go a long way in ensuring the longevity of your equipment and saving you money in the process.

The first step in maintaining your coin operated crane is to properly clean and inspect it for any signs of wear and tear. This includes the cart rollers, travel rods, and the claw mechanism. If any of these components are showing signs of wear, you’ll need to replace them.

Aside from cleaning and replacing, the best way to extend the life of your machine is to pay attention to power consumption. A faulty power supply can result in a number of issues that could potentially shorten the life of your crane.

The best way to do this is to cut off power to the machine in a timely manner when it’s not in use. This can prevent any electrical leaks from happening and prevent a power surge that could damage the machinery or its components. The best part about this is that it will also save you money in the long run by not having to replace the machines as often as you would if they were left unattended for prolonged periods of time.