Crop Tops For Plus Sizes

Crop Tops are a stylish and versatile fashion trend that can be worn by everyone, regardless of body type. This is especially true for plus-size women who can rock this style as a way of showing off their toned abs or to simply be a statement of body positivity.

Even men like rappers Bad Bunny and Troye Sivan have jumped on the crop top bandwagon. Keep reading to learn more about this empowering fashion trend!

Off-the-Shoulder Crop Tops

Show off a little skin this summer with these tops that leave your shoulders and neckline uncovered. This style is popular in regards to both fashion and summer weather trends because it helps keep you cool by allowing less fabric to touch your body. Plus, this type of crop top is flattering on almost any figure because it hugs the shoulders and draws attention to your face.

These tops are available in long sleeve and short sleeve options to suit your preferences, so you can Crop Tops wear them all season long. Pair them with your favorite denim shorts for a casual look, or try them with a skirt for a feminine and sexy ensemble. These tops are also great for warmer climates because they can be worn without a layer of clothing and still give you the look that you want.

This collection includes tops with frill details, ruched drawstrings, and even embroidered flowers and birds. There are also some with interesting asymmetric or one-shoulder styles. This Acler Watford Draped One-Shoulder Crop Top for $220 is a gorgeous option that will definitely turn heads this summer.

Some of these off the shoulder crop tops are longer tunic styles, which are ideal for those who have a smaller chest or a more petite figure. They can elongate the torso, so they look more like an hourglass shape. However, you may be more comfortable with a shorter crop top that hits right above the waist of your pants or skirt.

Midi Crop Tops

If you want to show a little skin but not go too far, try a midi crop top. This style stops just below the waist so it’s still flattering for most body types. The mock neckline and keyhole cut-out above your bust make it a statement piece that will turn heads. Pair it with high-waisted jeans or joggers for a night out and you’ll have the perfect outfit.

A crop top paired with a midi skirt is the perfect look for happy hour or date night. It’s sexy without being over the top, polished and feminine without being too prim or girly, and it’s a fashion-forward way to show off a bit of skin. Crop tops come in a variety of lengths, so you can choose the one that suits your personal style Crop Tops and body type. Some crop tops just graze the rib cage, while others may extend down to your navel.

This knit crop top is a great choice for cold weather. The warm and cozy fabric will keep you toasty, while the form-fitting silhouette adds a sleek and stylish edge to your look. The cinched front detail and off-the-shoulder design are also nice details that add extra flair to this casual crop top. Wear it with your favorite pair of denim for a laid-back autumn day out.