Enamel Earrings

Enamel jewelry is a huge trend, and jewelers from around the world are creating enamel pieces that rival the beauty of gemstones and gold. New York designer Melissa Kaye is credited with reinvigorating the trend, with her combinations of contemporary silhouettes and vibrant hues.

Skilled enamellers like Sheila Fleet use quills made from robust swan, peacock or goose feathers to create their blended enamel colors. The jewels are then heated, and the results resemble delicate stained glass.


Historically, jewellery makers used enamel to capture the color and vibrancy of gemstones without having to mine, cut and set them. The process allows for a range of colors not possible with solid metal pieces. The artisanry of jewelry enameling has evolved and today it is a highly popular medium. Its versatility helps to enhance every style from classic to contemporary.

Enamel comes in a range of colors that are made from varying materials such as glass and metals. Enamels start as powders – resembling baby powder in hue and texture. To create a piece of Sheila Fleet jewellery the powder is hand-applied by skilled enamellers using quills made from robust swan, peacock, goose or turkey feathers. The enamel is heated to a temperature that coheres it to the piece of jewellery. Different designs require a different length of time in the oven, with smaller pieces needing less than a minute and larger pieces taking up to three minutes.

The technique of cloisonné is one of the oldest known techniques for applying enamel to jewelry. It dates back centuries to the Byzantine Empire, with many examples still in museums today. It involves adding enamel powder into little sections of a jewellery piece before the jeweller removes the foil that holds it together. The resulting layered effect can be spectacular.


Enameling is the process of fusing powdered glass to metal at high temperatures to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry. Artisans have used this technique for centuries to add colorful finishes and unique designs to their jewelry pieces. Enamels come in a variety of colors and are made from different materials, including glass, copper, brass, gold, and silver.

There are many types of enamel, and the type of metal used affects how the enamel will look when finished. For example, Cloisonné is a style that involves filling designed wire outlines with enamel and heating it to create a clear pattern. Meenakari is a similar technique but usually features more color and has its roots in India and Persia.

When making your own enamel earrings, you’ll need a metal base such as copper or brass, paper patterns, liquid enamel, and jewelry pliers. You’ll also 24k gold jewelry necklace need earring hooks and some enamel paint, which is available in a wide variety of colors. Make sure to use a non-toxic enamel paint that’s safe for wearing and cleaning.

Vitreous enamels – the most commonly used kind of enamel for jewelry – are sold in lump form and can be purchased in different sizes called meshes that range from coarse (around 10 mesh) to fine (325 mesh). Small sieves can be used to separate these different sizes to get the exact powder you want for your jewelry.


Enamel jewelry is a beautiful and durable way to add color to your outfit. Its use dates back to ancient Greece, and throughout history, far-flung cultures have adopted their own enameling techniques. Cloisonne was favored by artisans in the Byzantine Empire, champleve by French jewelers in the Middle Ages, and plique-a-jour by Art Nouveau designers.

The kiln-fired process of enameling creates stunning details that are one-of-a-kind. Each piece of jewelry combines Fashion Jewellery the skill and artistic spirit of its designer.

These earrings feature a delicate, brightly colored enamel design on a sterling silver base. Each earring is handmade with powdered glass that is kiln fired to fuse the colors together, creating a detailed and unique design. Each piece of enamel is stamped with the artist’s name for a truly special one-of-a-kind accessory.

Whether you want to showcase your personality or make a statement, enamel earrings are the perfect choice for any occasion. From classic designs to funky shapes, these jewelry pieces are a must-have for any fashionista. You can find a wide range of enamel earrings from various retailers online. However, it is important to know what to look for when shopping for this type of jewelry. You should choose a trusted store with a good reputation to ensure that you get the best quality. Also, remember that enamel is a delicate material and may be prone to chipping if handled roughly or exposed to harsh detergents.


Enamel is a versatile, beautiful way to add art and color to jewelry without the need for gemstones. Whether you’re looking for a casual brooch to wear with your favorite jeans or a statement piece to complement your evening dress, enamel earrings are an excellent option. But before you purchase a new pair, make sure you understand the care needed to maintain them.

Enamel can be prone to chipping, especially if it’s dropped onto hard surfaces. It’s important to treat your enamel jewelry with care, and avoid exposing it to harsh detergents. Additionally, it’s recommended that you remove your enamel earrings before showering or swimming to prevent moisture from affecting the finish and design.

The enameling technique used for your jewelry will affect how it’s made and how long it lasts. There are various techniques, such as cloisonne’, plique a jour, and guilloche, that affect how your enamel will look.

Cloisonne is one of the most popular types of enamel jewelry. This technique involves creating a pattern with wires that are then filled with different colored enamel. The result is a detailed, colorful pattern that stands out from other jewelry pieces. Grisaille is another type of enamel that uses multiple glass layers to create a unique, dramatic effect. It’s commonly seen in Victorian Gothic-inspired jewelry. You can also find engraved enamel that features intricate patterns engraved into the surface of the enamel.