glitter gel nail polish

Glitter Gel Nail Polish

Glitter nail polish can make a big difference in the look of your nails. The right glitter gel nail polish can enhance a manicure and elevate a style. However, not all glitter nail polishes are created equal. Some are sloppy and don’t look chic, while others shine bright with elegance.

Easy to apply

Glitter nail polish is so pretty, but can be a pain to apply evenly and without a massive mess. But if you’ve used our revolutionary Bonder with the ORLY In-a-Snap top coat, you’ll find that glitter gel nail polish application has never been easier or more beautiful.

The first step is to clean the nails with mylee Prep & Wipe, which sanitizes and preps the nail plate for long-lasting gel polish adhesion. Then, paint a base coat on the nails and allow it to cure. Next, use a makeup sponge to apply a thin layer of glitter gel nail polish on one side. Fully saturate the sponge with just enough polish to cover your nails.

Once the layer is dry, flip the sponge over and apply another thin layer on the other side. Use your fingers to smooth the polish out and ensure there are no clumps of glitter. Once both sides are dry, peel off the liquid latex or polish barriers and you’ll have sparkly, glittery nails that are both fun and professional.

If you want a more classic look, encapsulate the glitter gel nails in a clear gel before you finish them off with your favorite top coat. Just be sure to use a crystal-clear gel like Lexy Line Cool Gel, which has the added benefit of being both vegan and cruelty free.

Easy to remove

Glitter nail polish adds a touch of glamour to any look. It glitter gel nail polish is easy to apply and cures quickly under a UV or LED lamp. However, it can be difficult to remove without causing damage to the nails. To avoid destroying your client’s nails, it is best to use an acetone-free product for removing glitter gel nail polish. This product will break down the glue and help to keep your client’s nails looking beautiful.

You can use an acetone-free product to remove glitter nail polish, but it is essential that you have the right tools. Regular cotton balls will shred and tear, so it is best to use durable wipes that can withstand the rigors of removing a glitter polish manicure. This will save you time, money, and inventory waste.

Another way to make glitter easier to remove is to buff the nails a bit before applying the product. This will break down the seal and make it more porous, allowing the acetone to soak in and remove the polish faster.

You can also use a peel-off base coat to make glitter easier to remove. This is especially good if your client wants a temporary look for an event, or if they are coming in for a regular fill and don’t want to take the time to remove everything and start from scratch.


This glitter gel nail polish is long-lasting and lasts for weeks without chipping or peeling. It also dries quickly and is easy to remove, making it perfect for everyday use. Plus, it’s cruelty-free and comes in a gorgeous bottle that will make your nails look extra fancy.

This silver nail polish is iridescent and shimmers with hints of pink, blue, and lavender. It’s the perfect nail polish for anyone who wants a sparkly, feminine, and playful polish. Its iridescent finish makes it feel more like the Lisa Frank fantasy nail polishes we loved as kids, but it has a more sophisticated edge that’s perfect for adults too.

Apply this gel polish as an overlay over your regular nail color and let it dry. When you’re ready to add more sparkle, simply pick up more Glitter Gel and apply it where you want it on your nail (again, like a slip layer). Be careful not to apply too much, especially around the cuticle area, the sidewalls of the nail, or the free edge. Then, encapsulate your nail with another layer of clear gel and finish with your favorite top coat.

This set of 12 glitter nail polishes is perfect for DIY nail art and will give you a stunning look that lasts all day. It’s cruelty-free, fast drying, and has wholesale matte nail polish a gel-like finish that resists chips. It’s easy to apply and is ideal for beginners and professionals alike.

Easy to clean

If you choose to use a glitter polish that is solvent resistant, it can be easily mixed in with Nail Mate base coat or applied on top of a colour acrylic gel and cured as normal. This will prevent the glitter from clinging to the nail plate and will allow for easy clean up. However, if you use loose glitter or a textured polish that isn’t solvent resistant, it will be more difficult to remove. In this case, you should try to buff the glitter polish a bit with a cuticle and hangnail snipper or a nail cleaner before using acetone to scrape it off. This will help break down the glue and make it more porous, allowing the acetone to soak in better and remove the polish.

Glitter gel can be applied as an overlay on a freshly filed nail, or encapsulated under crystal clear gel. The latter is ideal if your client wants a full glitter manicure and already has a color gel or acrylic base coat on. It is best to use a nail art brush to apply the gel and glitter because it provides more control over the size and placement of the glitter.

Before applying the gel, it is important to make sure the nails are completely clean and dry. Wipe the nails down with nail polish remover to remove any existing polish, dirt, or oils. Next, trim and shape the nails with clippers and a file. Finally, apply a few swabs of cuticle oil and allow it to soak in.