Glossier Makeup Bags

The Beauty Bag is the sturdier bigger sister to the Pink Pouch that’s been home to Glossier community members’ favorite routine-prep and makeup essentials for years. It’s tall enough to fit skincare bottles and large makeup items, yet still slips easily into your handbag or weekender bag when you go out.

The perfect home for your beauty routine.

If you’re a makeup lover, you know that it’s essential to have the perfect makeup bag to store and organize your products. Whether you’re traveling or simply trying to declutter your nightstand, finding the right makeup bag can make all the difference.

That’s why Glossier has just launched the perfect makeup bag—a sturdier, bigger version of their bubble-wrapped Pink Pouch that is ready to welcome your entire routine. The Beauty Bag is tall enough to fit skin-care bottles (like a full-size cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen when standing upright), but small enough to slip into your tote bag. It also has a zippered main compartment, a snap-button front pocket, and an interior pouch with pockets to keep everything in place.

Not only is this makeup bag stylish and perfect for storing your daily skincare and makeup glossier makeup bag products, but it’s also easy to clean. You can just throw it in the wash after a messy makeup session or even use it as a tote bag if you’re heading out and about. Plus, it’s the ultimate gift for any beauty-obsessed friends on your list.

You can snag the Glossier Beauty Bag on its own for $28 or, for a limited time, with the Makeup Set ($60) that includes a Cloud Paint, Boy Brow, and Lash Slick. It’s available online now.

Sturdy construction.

If you’re looking for a makeup bag that will keep your favorite products safe on the go, this option from PurseN is a smart choice. It’s roughly the size of a laptop and features a middle divider, four interior pockets and a wipeable exterior to protect your products from liquid spills or long-term makeup residue. Plus, it comes in a gorgeous aqua hue and gold hardware accents that make it truly eye-catching.

If your beauty bags tend to look dingy and stained after a trip or two, it’s important to find one that can easily be cleaned. Molly Stern, celebrity makeup artist and founder of The Bag Lady, suggests choosing a case that’s made from fabrics that can be wiped down. That includes PVC and nylon makeup bags, along with terry cloth and leather options.

A staple in any beauty rotation, Glossier’s cosmetic bags are sturdy and protective. Its aesthetically pleasing pink outer houses a side zippered cosmetic bag pocket and red inner removable pouch with reserved seats for your Cloud Paints, Skywashes and Future Dews. It also has a spacious middle section and an adjustable shoulder strap to ensure hands-free carrying. If you’re a traveler, the brand also offers a Mini Beauty Bag that keeps your can’t-leave-home-without products within reach.

Stylish design.

A makeup bag needs to be stylish enough for you to use as a clutch when you’re out and about, but also practical when it comes to the amount of stuff you can fit inside. If you’re someone who likes a lot of different products, you’ll want something with lots of compartments and dividers. If you prefer just a few basics, then you can go with a more simple design.

On March 4, Glossier unveiled the Beauty Bag, which is the sturdier, bigger sister to its beloved bubble-wrapped Pink Pouch (the home of our community’s most prized Top Shelf essentials for years). It’s designed to be the Goldilocks carry-all of your routine: tall enough to hold skin-care bottles and full-size makeup (again, see those red math markings for product calculations), but small enough to slip easily into your tote or handbag.

You can snag the new Beauty Bag on its own starting at $28, or for a limited time, it’s available partially furnished with a Makeup Set (which includes a Cloud Paint, Boy Brow, and Lash Slick) for $60.

Easy to clean.

The first thing you’ll want to do when you discover your makeup bag is a mess (besides yanking out whatever’s inside, of course) is wipe it down. While not all makeup bags are easy to clean—some have linings that require special cleaners, like oil-based products—there are plenty that are. Kusshi’s Everyday Makeup Bag is one of them, featuring a top that opens all the way down to reveal two mesh compartments on one side and a zip pocket on the other. The cosmetic pouch also comes in leather and fabric, with the leather version having an interior lining that can be wiped down and the fabric option being machine-washable.

Another easy-to-clean option is Meiyuuo’s Large Clear Cosmetics Case, which boasts a water-resistant lining that can handle even the messiest of products, including liquid lipsticks and glosses. This transparent cosmetic bag also has a few internal compartments and reserved spots for brushes. If you want something with a little more color, Vera Bradley’s Medium Cosmetic Bag is adorned with decorative floral prints and has a plastic lining that’s easy to wipe down.

No matter what makeup bag you end up going with, it’s important to remember that all that colored residue from makeup stains everything. If you find that your makeup bag is looking a little worse for wear, try getting as much makeup off your brushes before putting them in the bag and keeping a dedicated Ziploc bag in your beauty kit for dirty brush cleaning.