High gloss acrylic MDF board

Decorative surface boards are a popular choice for home décor. High gloss acrylic surfaces are laminated to super refined MDF and feature a mirror-like reflective quality. The process of lamination uses a hot-melt glue from Germany. It ensures that the finished product is durable and scratch-resistant. The material’s cost is also reasonably priced, making them a great choice for many projects. Decorative surface boards are a popular choice for both residential and commercial applications.

While high gloss laminates often conjure up images of minimalist white gloss and ultra modern colors, these durable boards come in a far wider range of finishes and colors. From pearlescent metallics to vintage marbles to high gloss woodgrains, acrylic laminates can be used for a variety of decorative vertical surface applications. Designers can specify from a wide variety of colors and finishes, allowing them to create a unique look in any room.

The benefits of high-gloss surfaces are obvious. They can add a touch of glam and attract eyeballs. Many commercial and health care facilities have incorporated them into their furniture and other furnishings. High-gloss acrylic laminate has defined a new category of interior finishes, merging the warmth of piano gloss with the durability of laminated paneling. These products can be found in a variety of applications and are gaining in popularity.