How Radio Frequency Handle Tightens and Firms Loose Skin


Sagging skin is a common problem caused by pregnancy, weight loss or ageing. It causes self-consciousness in many clients and can be difficult to resolve. Fortunately, there are safe and effective non-invasive solutions to tighten and firm loose skin such as Radio Frequency treatments.

RF technology generates volumetric heating which heats the deep skin, fat, fibrous septae and fascia and results in immediate collagen contraction and induction of new tissue remodeling. The effects are visible immediately and last for 4 months.

When it comes to RF body contouring, monopolar radiofrequency is one of the most popular and widely used devices. This type of device uses a single electrode with the «inactive Radio Frequency Handle pole» placed at the back of the body and the active one on the applicator that is then used over the area to be treated. This allows the current to traverse through ALL skin layers and even affect subcutaneous fat.

Monopolar RF is known as the strongest RF skin-tightening treatment. However, it is not suitable for certain types of patients, such as those with pacemakers or other implantable medical devices. Other contraindications include pregnancy and those who are breastfeeding. Additionally, some clients may experience discomfort during the procedure, although this is usually mild and brief. The ideal client for this procedure is someone who has pockets of pinchable fat or who suffers from moderate skin laxity, and will benefit most from combining it with other advanced treatments such as stem cell micro-needling.


During a bipolar RF facial, radiofrequency energy is conducted in and out of your skin between two electrodes on the handpiece. These electrodes, arranged like a ‘loop’ or’stitch’ of light, are attached to a negative grounding pad, which completes an electrical circuit and allows the RF current to pass through your skin layers. The current heats the tissues between the poles, resulting in tightening and rejuvenation.

A study found that RF currents are preferentially attracted to areas with reduced impedance, and a decrease in the electric resistance of tissues between electrodes leads to increased tissue heating. To achieve this effect, monopolar RF is often used first to preheat the skin and lower its impedance before bipolar RF is applied.

It was also found that mixing the monopolar and bipolar modes increases the effects of RF on a deeper level than either mode used alone. This was attributed to the monopolar RF increasing the temperature of the deep dermis, which then led to an increase in the amount of current passed through by the bipolar RF.


While mono-polar and bipolar RF treatments generate heat that penetrates the outer layers of skin, TriPollar is the next generation technology that combines a unique radio frequency configuration with dynamic muscle activation to promote dermal volumizing, skin tightening, cellulite reduction and body sculpting. With this advanced technology, we offer the best non-invasive body contouring in Huntington Beach and surrounding areas.

Tripolar RF treatment utilizes three prongs to deliver both RF and DMA energy for optimal results. The RF energy selectively heats the subcutaneous fat tissue layer to maximize the removal and drainage of liquefied fat cells and encourages skin tightening through collagen regeneration. The DMA energy simultaneously causes dynamic muscle activation to reduce cellulite and stretch marks by stimulating the formation of new collagen and elastin in the treated area.

The combination of a multi-prong approach and advanced control system Radio Frequency Handle eliminates the need for skin cooling resulting in a more effective, safer and faster treatment with fewer treatment sessions. According to the manufacturer, Pollogen, the TriPollar Regen uses a superior control algorithm which also allows it to penetrate more deeply into the body than mono-polar and bipolar technologies.


RF can be used to tighten the skin and improve its texture, colour and tone as well as firming it in areas like the jowls. When combined with HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound), it can be even more effective, particularly at targeting the far deeper SMAS layer of the face which helps to tighten and lift.

Despite numerous experimental and numerical studies on the nonlinear dynamics of electron heating in sheaths surrounding the electrodes, little is known about the spatiotemporal variation of neutral bremsstrahlung intensity and associated electron characteristics such as kea and Te in dual-rf capacitive discharges at atmospheric pressure. For example, a clear phase dependence of kea can be observed in the voltage waveforms during one rf cycle, with two bright structures appearing during the expansion and collapse of sheaths near both electrodes.

We present experimental and computational results showing that the time-averaged ne and Te in dual-rf plasmas can be independently controlled by variations of lf power density, voltage ratio, and phase difference between two frequencies. In particular, it is found that ne increases and Te decreases with increasing lf power density. This indicates that the symmetric structure of electron heating by ohmic effect at the sheath-plasma boundary is suppressed at certain lf phases and that more energetic secondary electrons are produced at the sheath surface due to increased electron impact ionization energy.