Hanma Laser Cutting Machine Supplier

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Power: Another important parameter to consider when looking for a laser cutting machine is power. A lower-powered machine will only cut thin metal sheets and will be ineffective for cutting thicker material. The power of laser is measured in kW, which is the amount of laser light emitted per second. The distribution of force over an area is what determines the intensity of a laser. For example, a 1kW laser beam can create an intensity of 125,000 watts per square millimeter.

HSG Laser specializes in laser equipment manufacturing solutions and has been providing these products for over 15 years. With a focus on intelligent laser manufacturing equipment and environmental design, the company sells its products in over 70 countries. It has four standardized intelligent equipment manufacturing bases in China. Customers include large industrial manufacturers, small businesses and a variety of other industries. And with its professional independent R&D team and well-established after-sales technical support department, HSG Laser is committed to providing quality service to its customers and partners.

The company has over one hundred invention patents. It has also independently developed the cup and pot welding and cutting laser production line, a five-axis linkage instrument welding machine, and a zero-tail material three-chuck multiple-cutting machine. With the continued growth in technology, the company is developing high-quality laser cutting machines. The industry will be abuzz with various laser cutting machine brands in the years to come.

CO2 laser cutting machines have numerous advantages over other types of cutting. CO2 lasers produce a clean, smooth cut surface, and are widely used in the medical and artistic sectors. CO2 laser machines are low-maintenance and require only periodic replacement of key parts. They are relatively inexpensive to maintain and will last for up to 100,000 hours. This machine also requires less power than other laser machines, which will help to lower the cost of ownership.

CO2 laser cutting machines use compressed CO2 gas to produce a cutting beam. These machines are capable of cutting materials that are eight millimeters or more thick, including plastic, wood, glass, and textile. Since they don’t physically contact the material, they cause minimal damage, and are used for cutting non-metallic materials. Fiber laser cutting machines are best suited for cutting steel, stainless steel, and sheet metal.