With the increased usage of laser welding machines in industries and factories, the laser welding machine is also gaining importance. It is a flexible welding machine having high efficiency with fast speed in welding. This machine reduces the grinding process and can weld almost all metallic materials, including brass, copper, aluminum, and stainless-steel major.

It does not use any extra auxiliary material or gas and is easy to operate. It can occupy small rooms and is limited to kitchen ovens and hardware. If you are looking for the best and easily used laser welding machines, then you are at the right place! HanMa laser limited are high-tech laser enterprisers who specialize in applying laser technology and are laser welding machine manufacturer. They are considered leaders in the low to medium power laser cutting machine industry and are international laser cutting equipment manufacturers. They deal in four major products: 

  • Fiber laser cutting
  • Welding machines 
  • CO2 laser cutting machines
  • Relative equipment.

This series of products are the preferred model and have a wide range of application fields, including high-speed, high precision cutting ability, low economic operation cost, and stability. The portable fiber laser adapter is a versatile adapter that can: Doing welding and cutting. This equipment can weld aluminum, stainless steel, iron, and other metals. This series of products are the preferred model in the non-metal processing industry and has two functions of cutting and engraving. The products include laser marking and cleaning machines, YAG laser welding, a CNC router, etc. 

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