Pearl Embossing Gel

Use Perfect Pearls in conjunction with Perfect Medium Ink and Letter It clear stamps for beautiful hand-lettered sentiments. Alternatively, use the Perfect Medium Pens in brush and bullet tip styles to trace over stencil designs.

Pearl Embossing Gel dries white with a pearl finish, and may be painted, glazed, or waxed over. It can also be tinted with mica powder, pigment powder, paints and more.

Enhanced Pearl

Smooth Embossing Paste creates texture or raised patterns through a stencil. Dries to a pearl finish that can be painted, glazed or waxed over. Use brush, sponge or spatula to apply. Clean hands, tools and stencils with water before Gel dries.

This category includes a range of subtle and understated shades perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any creation. Choose the Enhanced Ivory Pearl for a soft and timeless look, or the Enhanced Red Pearl to bring a burst of fiery passion to your projects.

To create this card start by positioning a stencil on top of the grey cardstock and using low tack tape to hold it in place. Using the Letter It embossing ink pad stamp over the stencil, and then sprinkle with the Perfect Pearl powder, tap off excess and heat set.

Enhanced Ivory Pearl

Add a soft and elegant touch to your projects with the Enhanced Ivory Pearl embossing powder. This fine embossing powder melts smoothly and evenly to deliver flawless results every time.

Unlike other Ranger embossing powders, this one dries clear, so it will allow the color underneath to show through. It can also be tinted with mica powder, pigment powder, paints, and more for an even more unique look.

To use this product, start with a piece of white cardstock and position the stencil die-cut over it. Use low tack tape to hold it in place, then stamp the Perfect Medium ink pad directly over the stencil. After applying the ink, sprinkle with the corresponding embossing powder and tap off any excess. When heat-set, the result is a gorgeous gradient effect.

Enhanced Red Pearl

Red Pearl is a bright and vibrant shade that evokes passion and energy. It is a great representation of love and strength, and it has the power to bring about prosperity and success.

Our Smooth Embossing Paste is an acrylic based medium with a thick consistency that can be applied with a brush, sponge or spatula to create texture or raised designs through a stencil. It dries white with a pearl finish and can be painted, glazed or waxed over to enhance your design.

Our Enhanced Pearl product category offers a captivating array of mesmerizing hues that can elevate your artistic creations to Pearl Embossing Gel new heights. Whether you prefer a cool and aquatic shade or a rich and lustrous hue, the options are limitless. Use them on cards, jewelry or home décor items for an elegant and refined look.

Enhanced Silver Pearl

This stunning silver pearl embossing powder adds a subtle shimmer to your artwork. It catches the light beautifully and creates an elegance that is perfect for cards, scrapbooking, and embellishing tags.

Use the Enhanced Silver Pearl with a stencil to add raised pattern texture to your work. Then paint, glaze or wax over it to give a unique finishing touch.

For the card below take a piece of white card and position a stencil over it, using low tack tape to hold it in place. Ink Amber Build Gel the stencil with a Perfect Medium ink pad, remove and sprinkle with the silver pearl embossing powder. Tap off the excess and heat set with a hot tool. Repeat the process with the Blue pearl and Violet pearl embossing powders for a beautiful gradient look to your die-cut panel.

Enhanced Blue Pearl

Blue pearls are a rare type of natural and cultured pearl known for their unique color. They are often favored by jewelry enthusiasts for their beauty and value as both gemstones and potential investments. The worth of a blue pearl depends on factors such as its luster, shape, size, and surface quality.

Rarity and a deep, uniform color also add to the value of a blue pearl. Other important considerations include the thickness and nacre quality of the pearl.

Blue pearls are believed to resonate with water elements and promote spiritual transformation. They can also help individuals develop emotional maturity and increase their ability to listen and trust their intuition.

Enhanced Gold Pearl

The most common form of pearl color enhancement involves dyeing. It is done to satisfy a specific market, and to provide colors that would be difficult or impossible to acquire naturally. It can also be a way to speed up the production of a strand. It can take a producer two to three years to accumulate enough natural, matching, golden South Sea pearls to string a necklace; dyeing cuts that wait down significantly.

It is important to note that if you do choose to use dyed pearls, the quality of the gold will greatly decrease as a result of the oxidation process used on the nacre to create these beautiful hues. This will negatively affect the overall grade of the pearl.

Enhanced Green Pearl

Enhanced Green Pearl offers a captivating, aquatic hue that exudes luxury and opulence. It is a great way to add a hint of natural charm to your designs.

Color: Green pearls can range from light mint to a deep emerald shade. The color of a pearl is determined by the mollusk that produced it, as well as its environment and treatment.

Luster: A pearl’s luster is its ability to reflect and transmit light. The brighter a pearl’s luster, the more valuable it is.

Surface quality: Ideally, a pearl should have a smooth, clean surface that is free from blemishes and pits. These imperfections can detract from the beauty of a pearl and its overall value. Pearls may also be treated with chemicals to improve their durability and luster.