water treatment

Alibaba is a leading ecommerce marketplace that wholesales products to a number of countries all over the world. It also wholesales equipment for home drinking RO systems. This equipment uses household water purifiers for commercial purposes. They have a flow rate of 75 GDP with either 5 or 6 stages. They provide trade assurance and have refund policies for their products.

The popular products in this category are beneath: –

  • 250lph machinery drinking water
  • China reverse osmosis purifier
  • Industrial reverse osmosis
  • 4 stage whole house water purification system

These products are manufactured in China. Their model number is X7. They have overseas call centers for easy communications as after-sales services. They follow the procedure of reverse osmosis. They can be placed at hotels, households, commercial, water purifiers with quick connections and RVs. Their major function is to purify water. They work best upon power supply of 220V or 110 V at a frequency of 60 Hz or 60Hz. Their RO membrane has a size of 75g. 

They have a built-in auto flush system. Their net weight is almost 11 to 13 Kg. they have a warranty of 1 year. They should be placed under the sink. Their power supply is electric. They don’t filter hot water.

They purify water by the process of reverse osmosis which removes pollutants from water by pressurizing water to move the molecules of pollutants through a semi-permeable membrane. In this way, those molecules are filtered and flushed out which then leaves the water clean and pure. This water is now safe for drinking.

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