The Best Gua Sha Tools

Gua sha’s benefits include lymphatic drainage, circulation improvement, and tension release. It also helps depuff the skin, promote elasticity, and boost the efficacy of your skincare products.

But with so many options on the market, which one is best? We asked Sandra Lanshin Chiu, founder of holistic healing studio Lanshin and an expert in Chinese medicine dermatology.

1. Mount Lai Nephrite Jade Sculptor

In the world of gua sha, there are few as luxe as this hand-carved piece from Mount Lai. The brand regularly posts gua sha tutorials on their Instagram to help you get the hang of using it, and they even provide a velvet pouch to keep your stone safe. The nephrite jade (also known as he tian jade in China) used to hand-craft this beauty tool is revered for its supposed healing properties. It also happens to perfectly mold to the contours of your face.

It’s also super versatile, with four unique sides to choose from. Glide the curved side across the cheeks and jawline to drain water and sculpt your features; use the indented edge to target fine lines and wrinkles; or swipe the comb side along your neck for a complexion-boosting massage. Alternatively, you can use the wider waved edge to sweep across your body for whole-body healing and detoxification. Just be careful not to apply too much pressure, as this could cause “cupping marks” on the skin. (Cupping marks are similar to hickey, and they typically last between one to seven days.)

2. Supernal Cosmic Stone Gua Sha

This beginner-friendly tool is impeccably carved from natural He Tian jade and features four unique sides. The comb edge, for example, is great for longer sweeps across your neck and body to detoxify and calm. The waved edge is perfect for sculpting the cheeks and forehead, while the best gua sha smaller curve on the opposite side is ideal for targeting fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and neck.

According to TCM, gua sha increases blood flow and encourages the lymphatic system to drain fluid buildup for a tighter, more sculpted facial complexion. It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

The smudging technique—which involves using a flat handheld stone or piece of metal against the face and neck with light pressure—also benefits health by promoting circulation, releasing stiff muscles, and soothing inflammation. As a bonus, it’s also been shown to provide pain relief for musculoskeletal conditions like fibromyalgia. When choosing a gua sha, Melissa recommends opting for one made from a natural material like jade or crystal and selecting the right size and shape for your skin type and goals.

3. Pink Moon Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Invigorate your daily skincare routine with this heart-shaped gua sha tool that’s hand-carved from rose quartz (tied to self-love, compassion and kindness in TCM). This beauty ritual essential reduces puffiness, lifts facial muscles, promotes circulation and boosts elasticity. It also has a pretty pink vibe, and since it’s made of raw crystal, each tool is one-of-a-kind, meaning your stone will vary slightly in color and pattern.

Experts recommend incorporating gua sha into your silicone face scrubber skin care routine right after cleansing. Then, smooth a few drops of an emollient face oil on your skin. This makes the gua sha tool glide more easily and enhances product absorption for a deeper treatment.

Then, gently glide your gua sha over the neck and chest, shoulders, jawline, cheeks and brow area. You may notice a bit of redness or «petechiae» on your skin, which is perfectly normal and an indication of blood flow and healing.

4. Supernal Bian Stone Gua Sha

This pricey tool is designed with the face in mind and has a shape that fits perfectly against the contours of the skin. It’s carved from bian shi, a micro-crystalline stone that contains upward of 30 minerals thought to regenerate healthy cells and boost energy.

«When used properly, gua sha can help to move stagnant energy, promote circulation, and increase lymphatic drainage,» says esthetician and Yina founder Britta Plug. She recommends using the tool with a face oil or cream—like Allow Nourishment’s facial cream, which is made with beef tallow, known to soften and improve how your skin absorbs the nutrients in your skincare products.

Aside from helping depuff swollen areas, a Bian gua sha can be used on the neck to promote lymph drainage, as well as across the cheeks and jawline for a lifting effect. The tool can also be used on the arms, hands, legs, and back to reduce pain and numbness, as well as during exercise to loosen tight muscles. It’s also believed to have a powerful effect on the spiritual body, clearing one’s aura and balancing energy.

5. Face Gym Cryo Stainless Steel Gua Sha

Brooklyn-based gua sha expert and facialist Lanshin Chiu runs a facial practice and shop that specialises in the face massage technique. Her gua sha tools are made from black nephrite jade, which is known to be calming and gentle for sensitive skin, or ethically-sourced rose quartz, which is great for reducing puffiness, soothing inflammation or calming redness and rosacea. The Face Gym Cryo stainless steel gua sha is also a good option for all skin types as it can be placed in the fridge for a fast-acting boost of firming action.

This ice-cold two-in-one set of stainless steel gua sha wands can be stored in the freezer ahead of use, and used to depuff the face and reduce undereye bags. It’s also ideal for soothing redness, calming inflammation and rosacea, and stimulating circulation to help calm and rejuvenate dull-looking skin. It can be rubbed over the neck and shoulders to soothe muscle tension, target cellulite and combat water retention and loose skin. It can also be brushed over the scalp for a calming head massage, or along the arms and torso to alleviate tiredness and swelling.