The Best Hair Care Tools

Whether you’re trying to achieve pin-straight locks or beachy waves, the right hair tools can make all the difference. The best styling tools come with a range of settings and hair-healthy materials to help prevent long-term damage.

TikTok creators seem to love Dyson’s hot air brushes that straighten and dry hair without heat damage. This model maxes out at 302 degrees, which is great for textured or thick hair.

1. T3 SinglePass Curl

The best hair tools, like the best beauty products, can help you achieve a stunning look that doesn’t leave your strands feeling dry or damaged. But with many options boasting salon-quality claims and a wide range of features, sifting through them all can be daunting—and even more so when the stakes are higher with hot styling tools.

Our testers were impressed by the T3 SinglePass Curl’s ability to effortlessly create polished, long-lasting curls without sacrificing the hair’s health or radiance. The tool’s digital T3 SinglePass Technology and custom-blend ceramic barrel help create smooth, defined curls that won’t quit. A smart microchip also helps prevent heat fluctuations throughout the style, so you get the most consistent results possible.

This set includes the SinglePass Curl base and three wand barrels to suit all types of hair lengths and styles. Choose from the 1″ clip barrel, which helps create tight, defined curls that last; the 3/4″ barrel, which enhances natural or wavy curls; and the 1 1/2″ barrel, which allows you to create uniform spiral or mermaid waves.

2. SmoothWrap Dual Ion Flat Iron

With a lightweight, easy-to-grip handle, this flat iron glides through hair with ease. It’s priced well, too, compared to some of the other options we tested.

With advanced plasma technology, this flat iron rebalances the natural charge of your hair, leaving it smooth and shiny. The treatment focuses on maximizing the absorption of conditioning ions, so it’s great for all hair types.

The iron’s 1-inch plates create smooth, straight styles that don’t leave creases or frizz. The powerful ion generator best hair care tools emits a normal clicking sound as it releases ions to neutralize frizz and boost shine.

Unlike many other flat irons, this one doesn’t use high heat, so it protects your hair from damage. It has five heat settings to meet your hair’s specific needs, and the ceramic technology minimizes heat damage for sleeker, healthier-looking locks.

3. T3 Curling Iron

Whether you’re going for full-blown glamour curls or a simple yet sophisticated beach wave look, this iron will help you create polished results with minimal heat exposure. It features CeraGloss ceramic barrels for glossy shine and a smart microchip that monitors 5 digital settings to ensure your hair gets the right amount of heat.

A top performer in the GH Beauty Lab’s curling iron test, this affordable model effortlessly creates long-lasting curls and waves. It also boasts a lightweight, compact design and easy-to-use controls.

For those who struggle with flyaways, this tool is your saving grace. The combination of a flat-iron and paddle brush reduces static and leaves your strands looking sleek.

4. Amika Deep Waver

Achieving loose, natural waves takes a certain level of skill and technique. While the style has been a staple of celebrities (think Gigi Hadid and Gisele Bunchen) and editors alike, perfecting this seemingly effortless look can be tricky without the right hair tools at your disposal.

Enter the Amika Deep Waver, a next-gen crimper that eliminates time and skill restraints, effortlessly creating creaseless, gorgeous beach waves guasha in minutes. Unlike traditional wands or curling tongs, which can cause wiry zigzags and dents, this tool’s three tourmaline ceramic barrels work together to create deep S-bends in locks that are soft + defined, while negative ion technology seals cuticles to reduce frizz + boost shine.

To use, simply turn on, brush out your hair, and position the tool vertically against a section of your hair – ideally starting at the roots. Press down firmly and hold for a few seconds, then move the tool downwards and repeat. For face framing pieces, hold the tool at a downward angle (parallel to your cheekbones) and finish with a light mist of your favourite Amika texture spray.

5. Airwrap

The Airwrap is the hair tool that everyone’s talking about — and for good reason. The device streamlines your morning routine by allowing you to style your hair in a fraction of the time, all while applying minimal heat. It uses the Coanda effect to curl your hair (the same principle that jets of water attach themselves to a surface) and comes with a variety of attachments that let you achieve a retro blowout, mermaid waves, smooth C-curls and more.

The key to using the Airwrap correctly is ensuring your hair isn’t completely wet when you start styling. The ideal state for your locks is 80% dry, which allows the airflow to manipulate the hydrogen bonds of your hair to set a look but limits damage.

When shopping for a heat-styling tool, quality really shows in the technology features and hair-healthy plate materials. You’ll see the difference in your short-term and long-term elasticity, as well as how easily your tool glides through your strands. Thankfully, there are high-quality options available for all types of hair.