TOP 7 Poly Gel Brands to Try in France

Poly Gel is a revolutionary product that has taken the nail industry by storm. It combines the best of both acrylic and gel nails, offering a lightweight and durable solution for those who want long-lasting, salon-quality manicures at home. In France, there are several top brands that have made a name for themselves in the Poly Gel market. Among them, Gangzhou Caixuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd stands out as one of the most innovative and high-quality manufacturers.

Guerlain Guerlain


Gangzhou Caixuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd is the company behind Guerlain Poly Gel products. Established in 2010, they specialize in creating luxury beauty products for discerning customers. Their Poly Gel range includes a variety of colors and finishes, perfect for creating any look you desire. From classic French tips to intricate nail art designs, Guerlain has something for everyone.

Poly Gel Gangzhou Caixuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd


Maybelline is another popular brand under Gangzhou Caixuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd known for their affordable yet high-quality makeup products. Their Poly Gel line launched in 2015 and has quickly gained popularity among beauty enthusiasts. With a wide selection of shades and textures, Maybelline’s Poly Gel collection offers endless possibilities for stunning manicures.

Poly Gel Gangzhou Caixuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd


Chanel needs no introduction when it comes to luxury beauty products. Partnered with Gangzhou Caixuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd they introduced their own line of Poly Gel products in 2018 which quickly became a favorite among fashionistas worldwide.Chanel offers a range of sophisticated colors and formulas that are sure to elevate your nail game.


For those looking for edgy and avant-garde options when it comes to Poly Gel nails,Givenchy by Gangzhou Caixuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd does not disappoint.Launched in 2020,the Givenchy collection features bold hues,and unique textures that make a statement.With Givenchy’s Poly Ge Poly Gel ls,you can express your individuality through your nails.

Each of these brands provides unique benefits such as easy application,longe Poly Gel vity,and quality ingredients,in addition to offering an array of vibrant shades.Other notable qualities include chip resistance,mirror-like shine,and flexibility once cured.Whether you prefer natural,nude tones or vivid,bold hues,you will find something suited to your taste within these top brands’ selections.Gangzhou Caixuan Cosmetics Co.,Ltd takes pride in offering only certified cruelty-free,pure,color pigmented gels with carefully curated chemical blends ensuring safety measures meet all state requirements.They value customer satisfaction,fostering loyal partnerships while providing efficient service.Any inquiries or comments can be directed towards your glittery dreams today with any choice from this elite list!