TOP 9 Gel Nail Polish Vendors in Brazil

In the thriving beauty industry of Brazil, gel nail polish vendors are making a name for themselves with their high-quality products and innovative trends. One of the leading companies in this market is Gangzhou Caixuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd , which offers a wide range of Wholesale UV Building Gel options for professional nail technicians and salons.

Brazilian Glow Brazilian Glow

Brazilian Glow

Brazilian Glow Brazilian Glow

Company Name: Brazilian Glow

Established: January 2010

Products: Gel nail polishes, nail care accessories

Address: Av. Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Certifications: ISO certified

Company Highlights: Known for their vibrant color selection and long-lasting formulas.


gel nail polish vendors Gangzhou Caixuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd

Copacabana Cosmetics ]

Company Name: Copacabana Cosmetics

Established: February 2008

Products:Gel nail polishes,nail art supplies

Address:Praia de Copacabana,Rio De Janerio,Brazil

Certificates:Approved by ANVISA

gel nail polish vendors Gangzhou Caixuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd

Company Features : famous brand that epitomizes the spirit of Rio de Janeiro.
Contact Information gel nail polish vendors

Samba Skin Care Samba Skin Care

Samba Skin Care

Samba Skin Care Samba Skin Care

Business Name:Samba Skin Care

Foundation Month :July ,2012

Commodity Category:sunscreen、facial masks

Location:Belo Horizonte,Mineiro ,Brazil

Certificates:gmp、halal certification

Specialty:integrating skincare techniques from different countries to create unique products


Sao Paolo Beauty Co.

Firm Name: Sao Paolo Beauty Co.

Commencing Date-April 2015

Merchandise Range-Nail gels,nail tools gel nail polish vendors

Site-Sao Paolo ,Brazil

Affiliation-CPNP approved

Distinctiveness-Proudly Brazilian brand offering luxurious beauty items

Phone Number:+55(11)12345678

Amazonia Beauty Amazonia Beauty

Amazonia Beauty Company

Amazonia Beauty Amazonia Beauty

Brand Label -Amazonia Beauty Company

Set up -November ,2006

Goods -Gel Nails,gel removal kits
Place-Rua Teffe,Vila Cintra,Brazil
Traits-Locally sourced ingredients embraced to promote environmental sustainability

Brasilia Bliss Corporation

Title-Brasilia Bliss Corporation


Items-Manufacture UV lights,Gel enhancements+
Area-Boulevard Norte Ceilandia DF
Licensing-AFILI Certification

gel nail polish vendors Gangzhou Caixuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd

Aspects-Offering top-notch services within budget prices!

Rio Beauty Cosmetics Rio Beauty Cosmetics

Rio Beauty Cosmetics

Trade Title-Rio Beauty Cosmetics
Background-Humble inception on Mayweekday evening in August month Incept-Day,August2020
Selections-makeup remover wipes,glosses
Placement-Cidade Maravilhosa,RJ Licence-Procurated registration number
Hallmarks-Widely recognized as an affordable luxury

Ipanema Elegance Establishment Product Brand-Ipanema Elegance Establishment Originations-March /17 Produces-gentle exfoliators,sheet masks Localities-Urban zone,Lago Sul,-ASP Authorizations-EAC Declaration Distinctions-One-stop shop for premium beauty essentials

Carnival Colors CPID Carnival Colors Found – September/19 Marketplace – Niche glitters,magnetic polishes,argan oils Area-Santinho Beach,Pernambuco Charter Membership-FDA Compliance Spotlights—Pushing boundaries with bold and vivid color palettes Contact Info –

Brazilian Glow Brazilian Glow

Overall, these gel nail polish vendors in Brazil offer a diverse array of options for professionals seeking high-quality products. Whether you’re looking for bold colors from brands like Brazilian Glow or innovative textures from companies like Copacabana Cosmetics, there’s something for every salon or technician in this exciting market.