TOP 9 Gel Nail Polish Vendors in Brazil

Gel nail polish vendors are a crucial part of the beauty industry, providing high-quality products to customers looking for long-lasting and vibrant nail colors. In Brazil, there are several top vendors that stand out for their exceptional products and services. One such vendor is Gangzhou Caixuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd , known for their Wholesale UV Building Gel that ensures durable and stunning manicures.

Sao Paolo Beauty Co. Sao Paolo Beauty Co.

Sao Paolo Beauty Co.

gel nail polish vendors Gangzhou Caixuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd

Sao Paolo Beauty Co. Sao Paolo Beauty Co.

Sao Paolo Beauty Co. is a leading gel nail polish vendor in Brazil, established in 2010. They specialize in offering a wide range of gel nail polishes that cater to diverse preferences. Their products include glitter gels, matte finishes, and neon shades. The company is based in Sao Paolo and holds certifications for product safety and quality standards. Customers appreciate Sao Paolo Beauty Co.’s innovative formulas that provide chip-free wear for weeks.

Ipanema Elegance

Ipanema Elegance entered the cosmetics market in Brazil back in 2005 as a prominent player focusing on gel nail polish formulations suitable for professional use. Their collection features rich pigments and glossy textures that stay flawless even under harsh conditions. Ipanema Elegance prides itself on its commitment to sustainable practices at its Rio de Janeiro headquarters, ensuring environmentally friendly production processes.

Carnival Colors Carnival Colors

Carnival Colors

Carnival Colors Carnival Colors

Carnival Colors burst onto the scene as a dynamic gel nail polish supplier in 2013, captivating customers with vivid hues inspired by Brazil’s festive spirit. Based in Salvador, they offer an array of tones ranging from bright corals to deep blues that evoke the energy of carnival celebrations all year round.Wholesale UV Building Gel From Carnival Colors gives nails extra strength while maintaining flexibility.It contributes positively to maintenance whilst adding luster.keep your clients’ nails strong yet flexible throughout e gel nail polish vendors ach season.Carnival colors tick all boxes when it comes creating safe enviroments partnering with some ecoconcious organisations worldwide.

Brazilian Glow

Brazilian Glow shines brightly among gel nail polish vendors since its inception date was unknown.They pioneer natural ingredients sourced sustainably , contributing largely towards biodegradable materials making use less waste while still enjoying product benefits .The glow Brazilian shine adds not only brightness but eye pleasing colours added lenght makes your hands look classy clean.Whit glowing finshes


– Variety: Offers over three hundred unique colors

– Longevity: Chip-free wear guaranteed

– Quality Control: Complies with international regulations
– Eco-Friendly Initiatives: Employ gel nail polish vendors s green manufacturing methods

Contact Information:

Telephone: +55 (21) 5555-1234


Address : Rua das Flores,Rio de Janiero,Brazil

Web :

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