Storage Trolley Cart

Using a Storage Trolley Cart to Organize Your Kitchen

Trolley carts are an efficient way to reduce manual handling for workers. They’re lightweight for easy transportation and can be easily folded to save space when not in use.

A shopping cart (American English), trolley (British English), or buggy (Australian English) is a wheeled cart used to transport merchandise in retail stores.


Using a kitchen storage trolley cart is an easy way to create extra storage in your kitchen. It’s also a great way to get a better handle on your kitchen supplies and prevent misplacement of items. Place all your utensils, glassware and cookware on the cart so you can see what you have and easily grab them when needed. Adding a small drawer or zone to the top of the kitchen trolley can be a great spot for paper sorters, labeled zones for mail, outgoing and to-do lists, and a space for pens, tape, scissors and post-it notes.

A kitchen storage cart can be a great tool for creating a lunch packing station. You can store all your lunch boxes, plastic ware, napkins, non-perishable snacks and baggies in the cart, and it moves around your kitchen to give multiple people the space to pack their meals at once.

A kitchen storage cart can also be a good place to store your yarn and sewing kit. This keeps it out of the way, but still readily available for when you want to sit down and sew or knit. If you don’t have room for a dedicated sewing area in your home, consider setting up the cart next to the couch or other comfy chair and use it as your sewing table. This frees up your living spaces so you can focus on enjoying some leisurely hobbies.


If you have a small home office, you can use this storage trolley cart as an instant Storage Trolley Cart desk. Set aside the top tier and label it for mail & paper work (inbox, outgoing, to-do). Add a second shelf or two for supplies like pens, tape, scissors, and post-it notes. Then, tuck in a keyboard and mouse on the lower shelves. The bottom tier can hold items that you need to grab as you head out the door each day like keys, chargers and spare change.

When entertaining friends and family, a rolling storage trolley cart makes the perfect place to store extra servingware, dishes and utensils. This frees up dining space to enjoy a relaxed, comfortable meal and conversation.

This salon rolling storage cart is made of premium PP plastic with 5 easy pull-out trays and a dryer holder to maximize your workspace and improve efficiency. Whether you’re an experienced stylist or just starting out, this cart is the perfect way to keep all your tools and accessories organized and at hand.

Reduce manual handling by using this aluminium trolley. This lightweight cart is stress resistant and designed to maneuver easily. These carts can steer tight corners, travel up and down stairs, and move over any type of surface. They’re a great choice for reducing transport time and are available with a variety of attachments to meet different requirements.

Snacks & Drinks

Whether you’re hosting a cocktail party or just want to keep a stash of your favourite tipples handy, opt for a drinks trolley with enough shelf space to store all the bottles and glassware you need. This one from House Beautiful Marketplace features a mix of marble and burnished mirrored shelves, plus castor wheels for easy rolling.

If you’re looking for a stylish bar cart that works as a decor piece as well, consider this brass-trimmed wood option from West Elm. Its warm classic material fits most any design scheme, from rustic to contemporary, and the brass-trimmed details add a luxe touch.

Add some fresh garnishes on the top of your trolley for a pop of colour, or use the shelf-stable options that work year-round. “I like to stock up on jars of citrus and pineapple slices, as well as dehydrated herbs like mint,” says Hantas. She also recommends this modular storage tower from Kartell, which can be arranged in a number of ways and is versatile enough to work indoors or out. It even has a removable tray, which is great for holding an ice bucket or a large serving bowl.


From stationery to yarn and sewing kits, storage trolleys are perfect for storing all your crafting supplies. If you have a small space in your home, rolling a cart next Storage Trolley Cart to your sewing machine is a great way to create a productive crafting area. Or, if you’re looking to organize your craft room, simply place the cart next to a table and use it for storage.

Storage trolleys are also a great tool for the workplace. They’re designed to take the strain out of carrying heavy loads, making them popular for use in warehouse environments. Often equipped with wired sides, they can be locked up to keep contents safe from theft and damage. They’re also an excellent choice for reducing injuries in the workplace, as they reduce the number of trips workers have to make and therefore lower absenteeism.

The KS series of carts from LKE Group have been specifically designed to hold the paper bags dispensed in supermarkets. They also have a range of other functionality, including an integrated waste facility, discreet foldaway waste tray and lockable storage hood. Suitable for both residential and commercial use, these carts are a cost-effective solution to creating a storage area for all your daily essentials.