A water walking machine in the form of an underwater bike is a revolutionary method to tone and shape the whole body. Optimum calorie burning without stress on the joints. Achieving high results such as coordination of movements and endurance. Suitable for underwater strength training as well as for therapeutic therapy and rehabilitation. Great fun in the pool and a fantastic fitness workout at the same time.

The results come from using an underwater bike for aqua fitness

  • noticeable calorie loss (500 calories burned in 10 minutes of cycling)
  • increase muscle tone
  • Improvement of the cardiovascular system
  • Anti-Cellulite Effect
  • Drainage effect, improve peripheral venous circulation and stimulate lymph flow

Don’t feel like doing outdoor activities in bad weather? No problem! Even though you’re treading water in the pool or cycling in the water, you’ll get far.

Unlike conventional cycling, the special training position, in which your body disappears in water up to your shoulders, demands the entire organism. The resistance of the water not only puts more strain on the muscles, but the water also promotes blood circulation thanks to its massaging effect. It protects tendons, ligaments, and joints.

In addition to the footwork, the arms and upper body are challenged with additional exercises, sometimes with the help of special small equipment, so the bottom line is that aqua cycling is a real full-body workout.

Whether you are a beginner or an ambitious athlete: everyone can do it. Aqua cycling is even suitable for pregnant women and people with cardiological problems.

Even overweight people, who find it difficult to get up to sporting activities on land, benefit from this joint-gentle fitness trend and can even cycle themselves slim with a corresponding change in diet.

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