What Are Rings?

Rings are algebraic structures equipped with two binary operations, addition and multiplication, that satisfy a set of properties. Rings generalize integer arithmetic and are used in number theory.

Possessing Rings prevents a character from dying upon taking damage from enemies, falling into bottomless pits and failing missions. It also increases their health and movement speed by a small amount.


Rings are found throughout Sonic’s universe, in underground caverns, on natural satellites and alien planets, inside cyberspace and even alternate dimensions. They can be obtained from Item Boxes, Badniks, and other sources.

The prototypical ring is the set of integers with the two operations of addition and multiplication. Rational, real and complex numbers are also commutative rings. The algebra R[X] of polynomials with coefficients in X is also a ring. Algebraists have defined structures Jewelry Set more general than rings by weakening or dropping some of the ring axioms.

In ancient Egypt a ring of reeds or leather woven together into a circle represented marriage because a circle has no beginning or end, symbolizing eternal love. This custom spread to the Greeks, and later to the Romans who linked the ring with betrothal and marriage. Romans favored signet rings that could be used as personal signatures, and they adorned their betrothal rings with engravings of Eros or cherubs, the gods of love.

In the European Middle Ages rings became simpler, and designs ranged from Turkish puzzle rings that were designed to fall apart to interlocking joints or «gimmel» rings. By the Renaissance, a fede ring featuring two hands clasping was widely worn as a sign of friendship and betrothal (similar to the Celtic Claddagh ring or Irish Fáinne Chladaigh) and eventually evolved into wedding bands.


There are many different types of rings available, from simple and elegant to bold and eye-catching. You can even get a ring custom made to be unique. For example, you can choose a halo ring style that has micro pave diamonds and has a frosted look to make your diamond appear larger. You can also go with a bezel setting that has a smooth metal edge to hold your diamonds in place.

A ring with a bezel design dates back to ancient times, and it’s one of the most durable settings for rings. It’s ideal for people with active lifestyles because it provides more protection for the stones and the ring itself. Celebrities like Poppy Delevingne and Mary-Kate Olsen love this ring style.

Other ring styles feature intricate metalwork and engravings, such as milgrain, which has that antique look of tiny beads or twisted threads of metal on the surface of the ring. This is usually found on vintage-style rings.

You can also go with a classic ring design, which features a clean lines and a solitaire stone. This is a great choice for someone who loves tradition and wants to showcase the beauty of their diamond. Or you can opt for a contemporary infinity engagement ring, which has a symbol of infinite love and commitment. This is a great choice for couples who want to show their love for each other forever.


The finger you choose to wear a ring on can carry a specific meaning, with some fingers more significant than others. For example, rings worn on the middle finger symbolize leadership and ambition. This ring placement is also associated with spiritual growth and self-confidence. On the other hand, rings worn on the thumb can represent power and willpower.

Affirmation rings, which include motivational or inspirational phrases and symbols, are popular for their ability to inspire confidence and positive thinking. These rings can be engraved on different styles of bands, including classic gold and silver bands. They can be worn to celebrate a major milestone, such as graduation or a new job, or simply as a daily reminder of personal strength and perseverance.

Another ring symbol is the circle, which has been viewed as a metaphor for totality, wholeness and perfection throughout history. This ring shape is also widely recognized as a symbol for God in Christian faiths and in religions around the world that recognize the circle as a sign of eternity. The enduring nature of this symbol has made rings, especially wedding and engagement rings, synonymous with eternal love.

Other ring types that carry symbolic significance include claddagh rings, Irish trinity knot rings and shamrock rings. These rings are a great way to add an extra layer of meaning to your jewelry collection, while also enhancing your personality and style.


In mathematics, rings are algebraic structures generalizing fields. They consist of a set equipped with addition and multiplication operations that satisfy properties similar to those of integers. The element 0 in a ring is said to be unital (or the unit element). Examples of commutative rings are integers and complex numbers; non-commutative rings are the ring of real square matrices, polynomials, functions and power series, group rings in representation theory, and cohomology rings in topology.

In the video game series Sonic, Rings are a main feature of the gameplay, acting as both currency and a symbol of achievement. They Enamel Earrings are found scattered throughout the primary playable levels, including on pathways, off ramps, above Springs, around loops and along Grind Rails. Collecting a certain amount of Rings will usually summon Star Circles or Giant Rings that lead to Special Stages; in some games, collecting a hundred Rings rewards the player with an extra life.

Rings are generally made of precious metals like gold or silver, and can be decorated with gemstones to enhance their aesthetic appeal. They can also be made of a variety of other materials such as ceramics, plastics and even wood. The process of making a ring involves creating a wax model, which is then encased in plaster to create a mold. Hot molten metal is then poured into the mold to form a raw casting, which undergoes a series of processes to produce a finished ring.