What Is a Cosmetic Case?

A cosmetic case is a portable bag used to carry cosmetic case cosmetic articles, such as lipstick or facial makeup. The bags may have different shapes, sizes, and internal arrangements.

Whether you’re headed to the gym for a quick touch up or hopping on a flight across the globe, this spill-proof travel case will get you there with minimal cleanup. Featuring plenty of space, a mirror for en route beauty rituals and brush straps to keep everything organized.


Makeup bags come in all shapes and sizes. Choose a woven option for more texture or a sleek leather case that balances simplicity with elegance. If you want to personalize your bag, consider embroidery. It’s a great way to customize your cosmetic case with a monogram, team or sorority design. If you prefer to have more flexibility with the items that fit inside your case, consider a two-compartment option with zippers that completely separate. This allows you to store different makeup and toiletries separately to prevent overstuffing, which can cause spills, stretching/ripping of the case itself, or bending of delicate brushes.

This Old Hollywood-inspired valise has roomy central compartment with elastic loops to secure bottles and vials, beauty bag as well as a removable pouch for q-tips and more. This makes it ideal for the travel-ready beauty guru.

Temperature changes while traveling can cause lipstick to melt, foundation to breed bacteria and skincare products to expire before their use-by date. This case is crafted with temperature-controlling insulated materials to protect your products and keep them fresh. It’s perfect if you travel frequently or need to bring your favorite products with you in hot and cold climates.