wholesale ink art nail polish

Wholesale Ink Art Nail Polish

Watercolor Inks

Watercolor nail polish inks suspend pigments in a clear base, allowing colours to be layered and blended. The liquid formula dries quickly, minimising the risk of unintentional smudging and makes it easier to craft intricate designs that will capture the eye. These watercolour inks can be used alone, or with fiber tip watercolor markers dipped into them for blending and gradation techniques.

Create artistic watercolor style nails with this collection of fast drying, highly pigmented art inks sold wholesale ink art nail polish at wholesale prices. Create effortless rainbow tie-dye, classy white marble, or artistic ocean themed nail designs with the thoughtfully curated colors. Apply the inks over a clean tack-free gel manicure, acrylic nails, or matte topcoat. Use acetone/alcohol or Daily Charme Blending Liquid to disperse the inks, then let them air dry.

Gel Inks

Create beautiful marble and watercolor, tie-dye effects with these water based gel inks. They are non toxic and work well on a range of surfaces including paper, canvas, fabric, leather, nail polish and polygel. These inks are fast-drying and will stay vibrant for years to come. To use, apply a base coat, cure and then create your design using the inks. To make a marble effect, simply fill a little dappen dish with Nailpure Plus and use a brush dipped into it to move the blossom inks with a pushing rubbing motion. Finish with TOPCOAT and Cure. Et Voila!

15ml/0.5 OZ.

Gel no-wipe metal painting gel Polish

Creating detailed nail art requires more than just a regular gel polish. Nail artists use special nail polishes, such as blooming and nail art gel polish to create intricate designs on the nails. Blooming gel polish contains pigments that spread out and blend together when applied, creating a watercolor effect. On the other hand, nail art gel polish has a thicker consistency and is easier to work with for creating intricate designs. Both types of polish require a base coat and are then cured under a UV or LED lamp before adding the design. Both types of polish can be removed with a cotton ball soaked in acetone.