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Women’s Wool Knitted Sweater

Investing in the right sweater is essential to keeping warm and cozy all season long. Look for styles that are crafted from high-quality wool blends like merino with cashmere for an added softness.

This striped sweater by Toteme fits the bill. It is lightweight enough to pair with a party dress or casual jeans.


Wool is a natural, renewable and sustainable material that has stood the test of time for centuries. It has an oil called lanolin that creates an in-built protection against the elements. It is able to regulate temperature shifts, and it retains a major part of its insulation capabilities even when it gets wet. It is also naturally odor-resistant and durable, making it an ideal sweater material.

The Ridge Merino Mixed Stitch crew neck is made with a high-quality, lightweight, soft and stretchy blend of Merino wool. It is knitted to shape, which reduces waste materials and allows the garment to keep its shape for awool knitted sweater women’s longer. It is also made with a small amount of Spandex, which adds flexibility and recovery. This makes it easier to move in the garment and enables you to wear it for long periods of time without getting too hot or uncomfortable.

If you want to keep warm and cozy while protecting the planet, then this is the right sweater for you. It has a relaxed fit and is perfect for layering, so it can be worn with or without an underlayer.


This sweater from Ridge Merino is a cozy quarter-zip that’s made from high-quality, renewable and sustainable Italian wool. It’s also super warm thanks to its merino wool and heavy cable knit. The extra material creates a microclimate that helps regulate temperature shifts, and it also retains a major portion of its insulating properties when wet.

It’s also knitted to shape, which reduces waste material and increases its “wear life.” The soft and lightweight merino wool provides warmth without being too bulky. The relaxed fit drapes nicely on the shoulders, and the vertical ribbing adds to its unique look. It’s available in a variety of colors and sizes from XS to XXL.

This midweight merino wool sweater keeps you toasty without the need for an underlayer, and it can be worn over a fleece jacket in cold weather. It features a relaxed construction that drapes nicely across the shoulders and dropped arm holes, plus a back hem that hangs lower than the front. It also has side ties with metal buckles that allow you to cinch the garment for a tighter fit.


Soft women’s sweaters and cardigans made from fine natural yarns elevate your everyday basics. Choose from a selection of cosy knits featuring warm and comfortable Merino wool in a range of shapes, sizes and styles including turtleneck, round Wool Knitted Sweater Women’s Manufacturer neck and V-neck. Or try a modern boxy cropped shape made in Italy from Canberra wool, with fuzzy tonal icon jacquard. Hand-wash with a little gentle soap, then gently squeeze to remove excess water (never wring or hang-dry as this can cause wool to stretch). Reshape and let air dry. Alternatively, dry clean with a wool specialist. Do not tumble dry, and store with cedar or other natural moth repellents between washes.