Jewelry Sets

Buying a Jewelry Set to Show Off Your Personal Style

A jewelry set was once considered an essential part of your wardrobe. Originally, parures—which included a necklace, earrings and a bracelet—and demi-parures, which have fewer matching pieces (but still include a brooch), were popular with royalty and the upper class.

A gold jewelry set is one of the most effortless ways to exude luxury. Whether you prefer smooth beads or baroque, textured gemstones, JTV offers men’s and women’s ring and bracelet sets that will complement any outfit.

Quality Matching Jewelry

A piece of jewelry can tell the world so much about you. It can reveal whether you’re a cool, collected businesswoman or someone who is always on top of things. Jewelry is also a wonderful way to show your friends and loved ones how important they are to you. Matching jewelry sets are one of the hottest trends this year, and they’re perfect for showing your love for a partner or friend.

The key is to choose a quality piece of jewelry that’s both stylish and durable. For example, a gold necklace can be made with karat and metal alloys that are mixed for durability. This means that the piece is more resistant to scratches and dents, making it an excellent choice for everyday wear. It’s also possible to find quality jewelry that is made with recycled materials. This type of jewelry is more environmentally friendly than traditional jewels.

Another thing to consider is the price of the jewelry you want to buy. If you’re buying a set for a special person, it’s important to consider their budget. You don’t want jewelry wholesale to spend too much on a gift that they may not appreciate or use, but you also don’t want to get something cheap that will break easily.

Mixing Metals

When it comes to jewelry, the days when all your pieces must be made of one metal tone are long gone. Mixing silver and gold is a hot fashion trend that allows you to create a visually stunning ensemble that showcases your personal style. The trick to mixing metals is to balance the look and avoid overcrowding your body with too many pieces. To achieve this, choose items with complementary shapes and sizes. Also, make sure to select jewelry with matching shades of metal to ensure a cohesive and harmonious blend.

Another great way to mix metals is by incorporating different widths into your jewelry stack. This works particularly well with rings and bracelets. Try pairing thin rings with wide ones or alternating a pair of narrow bangles with one wide bangle to add visual interest. Lastly, you can even mix metals in your accessories by combining gold and silver hardware or accents in your shoes and handbags.

Whether you are new to mixing metals or an expert, it is always best to start out small and work your way up to larger jewelry ensembles. In addition, many designers now create pieces that incorporate different metals into the overall design to make the mixing process easier for you. Simply look for two-tone and tri-tone jewelry to find the perfect match for your wardrobe!


Pearls are a timeless choice for women who want to add elegance and sophistication to their jewelry collection. Whether you opt for the classic white pearl set or something more sophisticated with black pearls, a pearl set will deliver a polished look perfect for a night out or even a high-class event.

These soft natural gemstones are known for their smooth, lustrous surface and are available in an array of colors and sizes. They are also easy to care for, making them a perfect choice for everyday wear. However, pearls are delicate and should be kept away from chemicals such as chlorine, perfume and hairspray. They also do not hold up well to abrasion, so avoid wearing them while swimming or doing vigorous activities.

If you are considering buying a pearl set, make sure to choose one made with the highest quality pearls. A strand of the finest quality Akoya pearls, referred to as “Hanadama,” is typically two to three times more expensive than a lower-grade strand.

While diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, pearls are the perfect complement to any woman’s wardrobe. These classic gemstones are versatile, look great with any outfit and can be worn for any occasion. They are also 24k gold jewelry necklace an excellent investment, as they hold their value incredibly well and can be passed down from generation to generation.


Jewellery has been worn for centuries as a decorative and fashionable accessory. It can also be used as a mark of group membership or status (as in the case of crucifixes and Jewish Stars of David) or even as a personal symbol of meaning.

Semi-precious gemstones are an extremely popular choice for jewellery and come in many different colours and textures. Some of these stones are said to have healing properties, such as amethyst which is believed to help you eliminate pessimism and rose quartz, which encourages self-love. Other gems, such as lapis lazuli, are considered to strengthen the eyes and promote clarity of thought.

It is important to consider the carat weight of a set when purchasing jewellery, as this can dramatically affect its value. To calculate the total carat weight of a piece, simply add up the individual carat weights of each stone. Sheila uses sky topaz, swiss topaz and London topaz in her designs. Sheila also utilises solid opal, black triplet opal and opal cabochons in her Orkney Celtic Connection and Reef Knot collections.

Most real diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies are «properly» set into jewellery via prong or bezel settings, however, in costume jewelry, smaller gemstones such as rhinestones and foilbacks are often glued into their settings using jeweler’s glue. This is fine if you don’t plan to wear your jewelry in water, but keep in mind that the glue may weaken over time.