Jewelry Sets

Jewelry Sets – A Bold, Classic Way to Elevate Your Look

A jewelry set is a bold, classic way to elevate your look. In the past men’s jewelry sets (or parures or demi-parures) were a status symbol as they allowed you to wear multiple pieces that could be rearranged into a variety of configurations.

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Bracelet Sets

Historically, bracelets have been worn as adornment around the wrist and arms. They can be simple and minimalist bangles that go unnoticed or more ornate pieces adorned with beads, charms, gemstones and pearls. A bracelet is also a status symbol and has been used as a sign of wealth or power, especially during hard times.

A bracelet set can be made up of multiple matching bracelets that are either identical or slightly different. The idea is to create a stylish look where one bracelet stands out against the other, such as pairing a gold cuff with a deep brown bangle or a silver bangle with a rose gold bangle. Mixing metals is generally discouraged but it can be done if the bracelets have similar tones and textures.

Crystals and gemstones are a popular choice for bracelet sets as they are believed to hold special properties that can support the wearer in their life. These sets may feature a crystal like rose quartz, known as the love stone or amethyst, believed to promote clarity and calmness or a semi-precious gemstone such as citrine, known to bring luck or tiger eye, for protection.

If you’re a couple who loves to express their love in an unconventional way, try this unique Morse code bracelet set that spells out the word “Always” Custom fashion accessories and “Together.” Or if your relationship is more scientific than sentimental, gift them this incredible Relationship Synastry Bracelet Set where they can compare their astrology charts with their partner’s on a 22-inch double-strand bracelet.

Diamond Sets

There are many different ways that diamonds can be set within a ring. These settings have both an effect on the appearance of a ring and also how the jewellery is worn and cared for.

The most common style is a solitaire setting, with just one diamond held in place by the precious metal. Other styles include the halo setting, where diamonds are set around a central gem to make it look bigger and more beautiful than it is. This is a particularly popular choice for engagement rings, but also works well with cocktail rings or coloured gemstones such as sapphires.

Another style is the bezel setting, where a strip of precious metal is formed around a diamond to hold it in place. This is an efficient way to create a secure setting, and it can be used with all types of shaped stones.

A more modern option is the tension setting, where’springing’ (a metal’s natural characteristic) is used to hold a faceted stone in place. This type of setting is very secure and only suitable for gemstones with a hardness level of 9 or higher.

Other popular designs are the channel and rail setting, where lots of small diamonds are set next to each other in channels or grooves in the ring band. These are very elegant, and work well for a wedding band or an eternity ring.

Earring Sets

Earrings are a fun and easy way to spice up any outfit. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to suit anyone’s style. There are even earring sets that are designed for those with multiple piercings to make accessorizing as simple as possible.

These sets typically include stud earrings that feature a small, singular gold plated ring point on the end of a post that goes through the earlobe and connects to a backing. Some studs are plain in design while others use a single gemstone or other embellishment to draw attention to the earring and add interest to the overall look. Studs are popular among those who prefer a more casual and simplistic style.

For those with a more pronounced sense of fashion, studs are often paired with other types of earrings in an earring set to create a bold and eye-catching look. Earring sets may also include hoop earrings that hug the curve of the earlobe, or a pair of dangling earrings that branch out from a single piercing and vary in length.

Another option is to use a cuff earring, which is worn around the outer edge of the ear. These can be worn even if you have no ear piercings and are available in a variety of styles, from chunky cuffs that wrap around the ears to thin designs that closely hug the ear’s curve with embellished details.

Pearl Sets

Pearls are the June birthstone and are a gorgeous gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day or other special occasions. Treat someone you love to a pearl set, and they’ll have a classic piece of jewelry to wear for years.

Pearl strands are timeless and versatile and look wonderful with both casual looks and formal attire. Choose a white pearl set for a traditional choice that’s suitable for any occasion, or try an alternative color for a modern twist. Grey pearls are sleek and versatile, while soft pink pearls add a romantic touch to any outfit. If you want a more elegant style, consider golden South Sea pearls or chic black Tahitian pearls with gold accessories.

You can also find pearl earrings and bracelets in a matching set, which is ideal for an evening event or a wedding. And of course, pearl cufflinks and tiepins are a beautiful addition to men’s wardrobes.

When shopping for a pearl set, look for one with high quality cultured pearls. The pearls should be uniformly shaped, and each should be tightly knotted on a silk cord that matches the color of the pearls. Place the pearls in a chamois bag or wrap them in tissue when not wearing them to protect them from scratches, perspiration and oils. Be sure to bring your pearls in for restringing at least once a year to keep them strong and secure.