High gloss acrylic MDF board

High gloss acrylic surfaces are laminated onto super refined https://www.hmlasercutter.com/product/small-format-laser-cutting-and-engraving-machine-hm-1310-series/with the use of Germany PUR hot-melt glue. It achieves a mirror-like reflective quality and high-end service. High-quality raw materials are used in the forging process of the upper products. Real quality control is achieved by strict control sampling and testing in each link. This process ensures the highest standard of quality control. The following are some advantages of high-gloss acrylic MDF boards.

Senosan AM 1800 TopX

For those looking for a high gloss finish in a MDF board, there’s a new option: the Senosan AM 1800 TopX https://www.hmlasercutter.com/product/small-format-laser-cutting-and-engraving-machine-hm-1310-series/. This material is ideal for interior and exterior design projects as it offers an impressive depth of colour and exceptional scratch resistance. Senosan AM1800 fronts come in two versions – one with a matching colour edging and one with a 3D acrylic edging. These fronts feature a stepped look and a seven-year guarantee.

Senosan AM 1800

High-gloss acrylic panels, such as the SENO SA AM1800, are a brilliant choice for any project. These panels boast excellent scratch resistance and impressive depth of colour, making them a great choice for large-scale surfaces. These high-gloss fronts are available in two finishes: high gloss and super-matte. Both finishes can be finished with matching colour edging, or you can opt for 3D acrylic edging with selected decors. These fronts are durable, scratch-resistant and come with a seven-year warranty.


Decorative surface boards are a popular choice for home decoration today. INFRAGLOSS offers a variety of https://www.angelo-home.com/ products that are scratch-resistant, durable, and made with the latest technology. These products are also very affordable, making them a good choice for anyone’s budget. Read on to learn more about these great products. These are made with the latest technology, and you can enjoy the benefits of acrylic surfaces while reducing the cost of your home decoration project.


The unique high gloss and depth of colour of Senosan Acrylic boards is created by laminated acrylic sheets on MDF boards. The surfaces are highly scratch and chemical resistant and feature a protective foil. This material is available in both face and backside versions and measures 2800 x 1300 mm. Moreover, its surface is soft to the touch and anti-fingerprint. Its superior durability and quality makes it an ideal choice for high-end projects.


SENO SA produces high-gloss acrylic panels for a range of home applications. These are the perfect choice for any interior design or renovation project, combining exceptional scratch resistance with a depth of colour. The stepped fronts of the SENOSAN AM1800 can be selected to complement the rest of your home’s decor. They also come with a seven-year warranty. This makes them an attractive addition to any home.