High gloss acrylic MDF board

When you think of high-gloss acrylic MDF board, the first thing you probably think of is a laminated surface. This material is made from a mix of wood fibers and organic binder. The resulting composite material is smooth and shiny, making it ideal for high-end kitchen applications. Hardwood kitchen worktops are generally produced by cutting down trees, then smoothing them down and brightening them.

Lamination process

The lamination process for high gloss acrylic https://www.hmlasercutter.com/involves a combination of processes. The board itself undergoes several processes, including sand light, heat treatment, and humidity control. Some of the processes required to produce a laminated https://www.hmlasercutter.com/product-category/nonmetal-laser-cutting-engraving/are dipping, compounding, and sealing. One type of laminated board uses a double-sided high gloss surface. This improves the aesthetic appearance of the board while minimizing warpage.

The process is automated and usually involves using water-based EVA or liquid PUR adhesives. The adhesive should have a uniform build for optimum visual effect. It is also important to clean the acrylic sheet before lamination to remove any debris and achieve a light to moderate cold press. After this, the lamination process starts. The final product is suitable for use in furniture and other interior applications. It is also durable and UV resistant.

Product characteristics

TESA High Gloss Acrylic Boards have a natural color and unique design and are suitable for furniture and interior design. They also have zero orange peel effect and good scratch resistance. They are ideal for household furniture and shutters. https://www.angelo-home.com/product/new-arrival-high-gloss-cement-color-uv-mdf-panel-with-competitive-price/ product characteristics are described below:

TESA Acrylic Faced MDF combines the look of solid surface acrylic with an ultra-high gloss surface, and is available in an extensive contemporary range of colors. Thermally fusing laminates have an outstanding luminosity and durability, and are scratch resistant. TESA Acrylic Surface Boards have a surface gloss comparable to a concert grand piano. In addition to high gloss surfacing, they are easy to install and maintain, making them the ideal choice for furniture and interior design projects.

Scratch resistance

OpuLux Scratch Proof High Gloss Panels have a high gloss finish with excellent scratch resistance. The acrylic layer is UV stabilized for lifetime color depth. Ultra X tapes are available for added scratch resistance and are produced from the same acrylic as the panel’s surface. Ultra X tapes are available in 3/4″ width, and are applied using hot-air or laser technology.

Forner Acrylic boards are premium products, featuring the highest level of scratch resistance. With an incredible depth effect and improved features, Forner SR – 1,1N DIN 68861 acrylic high gloss furniture boards are truly convincing. This innovative material is becoming increasingly popular for furniture manufacturing. Here are a few reasons why it’s the best choice for high-end applications. These include: acrylic furniture, office, wardrobe, and kitchen cabinetry. Forner’s high-end acrylic furniture panels are ideal for kitchens, bedrooms, offices, and even feature panels, in addition to luxury living room storage.


The TESA High Gloss Acrylic Surface MDF Boards combine the durability of solid surface acrylic with a nearly mirror-like surface for an easy to clean, easy-to-install finish. These versatile boards come in a variety of unique designs and colors, and can be used for virtually any interior design project. Here is a look at the main benefits of TESA Acrylic Surface Boards. Read on to learn more.

The first thing to know about this product is its origin. The high-gloss finish is produced by laminating the acrylic sheet on a super-refined MDF core. This process involves the use of a special glue known as PUR, which is waterproof and won’t delaminate over time. The MDF core is typically plywood or particle board. The waterproof seal prevents water and moisture from penetrating the surface, ensuring a flawless finish.