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Cutting metals has always been a very tedious job to do and in other to get the perfect cut, one must get the right machine not just to the perfect cut but for ease and convenience. In other to know which laser cutter will be best for your need, you need the right company that has the right set of types of machinery to choose from.

At Hanma Laser Company, we have the right set of machines to fulfill every cutting need and any kind of cutting procedure that you might need to fulfill. Not only do we just make cutting machines, but we are also a high-tech enterprise that specializes in the design, sales and production, and application of laser technology. After over a decade of making cutting machines with laser technology, and amassing over 40 awards in this industry, we can assure you of top quality machines, all of these awards are on our webpage, view site to see all and to get acquainted with all the amazing machines we have in stock.

Why Our Product?

We put our heart into what we do and that is why we say our culture is top quality. Take a sneak peep into 2 of our products;

  • Fiber Laser Cutting Machine: This machine is best in the sheet-metal industry, with a wide scope of utilization fields, fast and high-accuracy cutting capacity, low monetary activity cost, and brilliant solidness. Among other contemporaries, our machine remains the best because of its durability, efficiency, and value for money.
  • CO2 Laser Cutting Machine: When it comes to the non-metal processing industry, this machine is the best. This particular machine can engrave and cut, and other wide range of applications.


Visit our website and talk to us about your needs, we will not only offer you what you need, but we will also give you the best of service.

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