MDF board supplier

Depending on the purpose of your project, you may need to source different applications. Fortunately, there are many different types and brands of this material available on the market. These include products from M. Kaindl KG, Sonae Arauco, AK Lumbers, and Duratex SA. The following article will outline the different types of provide links to their websites. Once you have selected your, you’ll be well on your way to building your dream project.

M. Kaindl KG

Based in Austria, M. Kaindl KG is one of the leading manufacturers of MDF boards. In addition to offering laminate flooring, worktops, and other interior design products, the company also manufactures veneered boards, melamine faced boards, and other wood materials. Its extensive product line has something to offer any customer, whether they are looking to renovate an entire room or just need a few new shelves for their office.

Sonae Arauco

The MDF (medium density fibreboard) is a good replacement for solid wood. Its dimensional stability and mechanical resistance make it ideal for a variety of construction applications. MDF boards made by Sonae Arauco have smooth, homogenous surfaces, making them suitable for lacquering and other finishes. The company’s extensive product line also includes a wide range of engineered wood products.

AK Lumbers

If you’re looking for a quality in the United States, you’ve come to the right place. AK Lumbers is a wood products manufacturer that serves both the domestic and international markets. With over six decades of experience in the timber trade, A.K. Lumbers has earned awards from the CAPEXIL for their exports. They make products ranging from flush wooden doors to classic wardrobes, and they can even deliver to your doorstep.

Duratex SA

Brazil’s top panel manufacturer Duratex SA has agreed to merge with Satipel Industrial Ltda. This combined group will produce MDP and hardboard panels, and will hold 40 percent of the Brazilian market. Together, they’ll make US$1.6 billion in joint sales. The company also plans to expand its manufacturing capacity, bringing its total production capacity to 5.6 million m3 annually. Read on to learn more about the proposed merger.

GM Oriental

The GM Oriental MDF board supplier has a long and proud tradition of providing customers with quality wood products. These products are used in a variety of applications from furniture construction to office tables and ceilings. The materials used are a perfect match for the many applications in which they are used. Here are some reasons why this company is an excellent choice:


Acme Enterprises is a popular Distributor of Prelaminated MDF Board. They offer a wide selection of plywood such as Durable Finish Commercial Wooden Plywood, Top Rated Marine Wooden Plywood, and 10mm Calcium Silicate Board. These products are all available at the best prices, and they provide detailed product specifications as well as contact information. The Acme website also offers subcategories that provide additional information on the products and services offered.