This is a hm laser cutting machine suitable for metal plates, sheet metal, metal tubes, metal profiles and metal tubes, and is most suitable for any metal manufacturing needs. This laser cutting machine can be used for any 2D/3D cutting of galvanized steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, low carbon steel, bronze, gold and silver.

How it works:

The metal laser cutting machine uses a high-power density laser beam to scan the surface of the material, heat the material to thousands to tens of thousands of degrees Celsius in a very short time, to melt or vaporize the material, and then use high-pressure gas to remove the melted or vaporized material from Blow away in the cutting seam to achieve the purpose of cutting the material

It uses:

Metal laser cutting machines are widely used in the modern assembly of metal products, home businesses, independent companies, home shops and sheet metal manufacturing, aerospace, avionics, hardware, electrical appliances, kitchenware, auto parts, subway parts, automobiles, instruments, precision parts, Shipbuilding, metallurgical gears, elevators, household equipment, metal signs, metal signs, metal labels, metal artwork, metal gifts, metal device manufacturing, metal foil and other metal processing enterprises.

Its advantages:

 Stability and high precision

 High performance

 Good flexibility

 faster cutting speed

Easy to use

 Low maintenance cost

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