Nonmetal laser cutting and engraving

A non- is an excellent choice for engraving and cutting materials with a high degree of hardness, such as wood, leather, plastic, and other non-metals. Designed for large-scale production, this hybrid laser cutting system can cut wood, fabric, plastic, and other materials, while still providing high-quality results. Its solid construction supports CNC carving. The LYXC non-metal laser cutting system is the ideal choice for engraving wood, leather, and other non-metal materials.

The Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro is an upgraded version of the previous model, boasting some excellent features, safety upgrades, and other upgrades. The Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro is one such machine, boasting fantastic features and an array of upgrades. You can easily mark metal or make small details with this non-metal laser cutting machine. With a price tag of under $3000, the Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro can help you make the best out of your Non-Metal Laser Cutting machine.

A CO2 or fiber engraving machine can also be used to engrave aluminum. The bright surface of aluminum reacts with the laser, creating high contrasts. A typical example of this would be a logo or a business card. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is a common choice for laser engraving machines. This metal is commonly used in the production of custom business supplies and crankcases. It is also an excellent material for budget laser engravers.

In addition to non-metal materials, machines can also be used for engraving plastic. The high-precision stepper motors and linear guides of this machine make it a highly accurate machine, and its automatic transmission system increases efficiency and reduces man-hours. The light beam structure of the machine allows it to cut through materials with varying thicknesses without losing accuracy.

One key difference between machines is the lens. Non-metal cutting and engraving machines typically have shorter lenses. The shorter lens provides finer engraving while a longer lens is more accommodating of variations in focus height. This lens produces less taper on the cut edge and is relevant for thicker materials. The cutting lens, on the other hand, reduces the angle of laser-cut sloped edges. Only on large-diameter materials will this difference become noticeable.

One of the most advanced non-metal laser cutting and engraving machines on the market is the TEN-HIGH CO2 engrave machine. This machine features an industrial-grade precision metal-mold laser head that can cut up to 6mm into cork, while also supporting CorelDraw and other programs. Additionally, the TEN-HIGH CO2 engrave machine features an exhaust fan and an air pump for optimal performance. The machine can be used with a PC and requires an external power supply.

Besides being able to engrave and cut materials with ease, non-metal laser cutting and engraving machines are an excellent choice for small businesses, since they can cut and engrave different materials without any difficulty. This type of cutting and engraving machine can be used for many applications and is ideal for desktop use. If you need a more accurate cutting or engraving machine, however, you should consider a CNC router or a milling machine.