Thick Handle Toilet Brush

A toilet brush is one of the most essential bathroom tools. It’s useful for removing dirt and grime from the bowl, and it helps prevent bacteria from growing.

There are several types of toilet brushes, including those with short handles and long ones. The handle length determines how close you can get to the toilet, and the type of bristles will also affect your cleaning abilities.

Long Handle

For the ultimate cleaning experience, choose a toilet brush with a thick handle. Not only will this reduce the strain on your hands and arms, but it can help you get into hard-to-reach areas of the bowl without risking your back. Often, long handles are made from plastic or stainless steel, which makes them easy to clean and disinfect.

The best long-handled toilet brushes are also the most efficient at scrubbing and removing stubborn stains from your toilet bowl. Most come with multiple bristle shapes, such as round, D-shaped or discs, so you can find the perfect brush for your style of toilet. Some have a patented vacuum technology that removes even the toughest gunk.

One of the most effective long-handled toilet brushes we’ve tested is a three-piece set from Drive Medical, which comes with three different-sized heads, including a large one that can scrub deep into the bowl. The patented design uses a small battery-powered motor and is easy to maneuver.

A patented device called the SmartyBrowser allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control to open and close the lid of the toilet brush, which saves you time. This is a big deal for those with mobility issues or limited dexterity.

This patented device attaches to your wall using a special adhesive sticker, and it sucks up much less space than traditional flimsy toilet brushes. It’s also more environmentally friendly and safer for your family’s health.

This is the best long-handled toilet brush we’ve tested, and it deserves a place in your home. With a hefty price tag, it’s a good idea to shop around for the best deal. This is the most useful bathroom tool you’ll ever own, and it’s also an elegant addition to your bathroom decor.


If you want to make sure that your toilet stays clean for a long time, you should invest in a toilet brush. These devices come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit every cleaning need. The type of handle that you choose can make a huge difference to your cleaning experience.

Short handles are easier to use and allow you to put more scrubbing power into your movements. They also help you maintain a comfortable distance from the toilet. However, they may be difficult to store.

Long handles are a popular choice for people with back or waist problems, as they don’t require you to lean down as much. They can also be stored in a more vertical space, which can be helpful if you have limited bathroom storage.

Stainless steel is another popular option for toilet brushes, as it’s corrosion-resistant and easy to keep looking new. Its antibacterial properties can help prevent bacteria from growing on the handle, too.

Wooden handles are also a good option, as they’re more natural and can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. However, they can pick up stains and bacteria, so be careful with soaps or other cleaners that can damage them.

Plastic handles are inexpensive and light, but they can also harbor germs if they’re not cleaned after each use. To make sure your plastic toilet brush remains hygienic, wipe it down with a towel after each use.

Symmetrical brushes are round in shape and have many bristles to scrub away stains and grime from your toilet. They’re often softer than angled brushes and are great for hard to reach areas.

They’re also great for toilets that don’t have sharp angles, as they allow you to get under the rim more effectively.

These types of toilet Thick handle toilet brush brushes can be used on both porcelain and plastic bowls. If you have a porcelain toilet, you’ll want a soft-bristled brush that won’t scratch the surface.

This model from Holikme has a silicone bristle head and non-slip plastic handle that allows you to scrub under the toilet rim and around the bowl. It’s also a durable brush that withstands more pressure than traditional bristles, reducing the chance of it breaking. It’s easy to clean, too, thanks to its washable brush head made from chemical-resistant ThermoPlastic Rubber (TPR).

Single Bristle

A thick handle toilet brush can be a great addition to any bathroom. Its long length makes it easy to reach hard to clean areas of the bowl. It is also comfortable to hold and can withstand heavy use, especially when it comes to scrubbing stubborn stains.

Typically made from plastic or silicone, these brushes are softer than traditional bristles and less likely to shed or damage delicate porcelain. They are also easier to store when not in use.

You can find a wide variety of materials on the market, from standard plastic to non-traditional coconut husks. Some brands even offer a combination of different materials for a more unique look. However, it’s important to choose a material that you feel comfortable with.

The type of material the brush is made from will determine how it performs and how often you need to replace it. The most common material is nylon, which is strong and hard but can be easily cleaned once it’s worn down.

If you prefer something more eco-friendly, consider a wooden handle. This brush is 14’ long and can be used to reach hard to clean spots in your toilet bowl. It also features sisal bristles, which are pure vegan and plant-based.

Another excellent choice is the OXO Good Grips Hideaway Toilet Brush, which is an affordable option that’s designed to fit in with your other bathroom accessories. Its minimalist design blends in with everything from soap dispensers to toothbrush holders and soap dish, and it’s compatible with a number of other OXO accessories for added convenience.

It’s easy to wash and comes with a vented caddy to help keep Thick handle toilet brush your brush dry. The handle can be removed for storage, and it has a magnetic collar that firmly locks onto the brush rod when you need to transport it around.

This is a versatile and budget-friendly option that can be used to clean all types of toilets. Its unique crescent-shaped head allows you to reach hard-to-reach corners and hidden edges without having to worry about scratching or damaging the toilet. It’s also easy to replace with a new head when the old one is worn down.

Dual Bristle

There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a toilet brush, and one of the most important is the bristles. The design, density and texture of the bristles will determine how effective it is at cleaning under the rim and other hard to reach areas of the bowl.

The best toilet brushes are designed to make the task of cleaning your toilet bowl easier. They have long, soft and dense bristles that work together to clean thoroughly. They also have a long handle that makes it easy for you to get into the deepest corners of your toilet bowl.

This brush is a good choice for people who want to keep their bathroom looking clean and organized. It comes with a small holder that is easy to hide and the plastic cover keeps the head of the brush hidden.

Its bristles are durable and will not come off with regular use. It also features a sturdy handle that will not slip when in use.

When you need to scrub the bowl of your toilet, you can use this brush with a toilet cleaner that helps remove tough stains and buildup. This will leave your toilet bowl sparkling clean and smelling fresh again.

While it is an expensive option, this toilet brush is worth the splurge because of the quality of the product. The toilet brush head is made from a durable silicone that won’t deform, and the canister base has ventilation slots that allow water to evaporate quickly.

Another great feature on this toilet brush is the rim cleaner that sticks up to reach under the rim of your toilet. This is a useful feature that can save you from getting your hands dirty, which is especially helpful in older bathrooms.

The holder is also an excellent feature that allows the brush to dry without getting wet, making it a perfect choice for bathrooms with low ceilings. The holder also has an open door that automatically opens when you lift it, allowing you to easily store the toilet brush without having to worry about dripping water into the floor.