custom laser cutting machine

If you’re looking for a high-quality laser cutting machine to make custom parts, you have to consider the speed. Speed largely depends on the material and cutting task. The more powerful the laser, the faster it will cut, but the material’s thickness will affect the speed. Cutting too quickly will result in increased surface roughness and burr formation. So, what is the best cutting speed for you? The answer to this question depends on your specific needs and budget.

XY gantry

An XY gantry laser cutting machine consists of two main parts: a feeding table and a workpiece support gate. The feeding table consists of a gantry structure, while the workpiece support gate has a sliding strip metal working table. Both tables are connected to a solid fixture base. Moreover, the laser cutting machine can cut various shapes of materials, such as cylinders, barrels, octagons, and tubes.

XY focal point

When using a, you must adjust the XY focal point before the cut begins. The focus point is the center of a blob that is within the larger shape. The goal of this adjustment is to reduce the brightest part of the blob in the middle. If the focus point is not accurate, you can burn through the material. Besides, you must move the laser a few millimeters before the cut begins.

CO2 laser

The use of a using a CO2+ laser has been around since the nineteenth century. These machines are still very popular today. It is important to understand what a CO2 laser can and cannot cut. First, it must understand the way the laser beam interacts with the material you are cutting. Once you know this, you can increase or decrease the power to get the desired result. Another thing to know is that a CO2 laser cutter will not damage the material physically. Instead, the intense heat produced by the laser will vaporize the material, leaving a smooth finish behind.

Portal vacuum

When it comes to customizing your custom laser cutting machine, there are a few important features to consider. For example, a Portal vacuum custom laser cutting machine allows you to use three different types of gas to engrave your metal sheets. The vacuum helps keep the metal sheets stable, while the metal cutting option allows you to use nitrogen and oxygen to pierce and cut stainless steel. Nitrogen is particularly useful for engraving because it produces an edge-quality cut with less burrs.

Sublimation cutting

If you have a business that deals with dye sublimation printing, you should consider getting a laser cutting machine. This technology is becoming increasingly popular in the sublimation industry for a variety of applications, including flags and sportswear. However, when you want to cut parts of your printed garment, you may want to avoid manual cutting. Manual cutting is time-consuming, inaccurate, and labour-intensive.

Fixed optic

When choosing a fixed optic laser cutting machine, you must be aware of the machine’s operational costs and the equipment’s initial costs. Compared to other cutting technologies, laser cutting can be very expensive and not ideal for shops with limited budgets. In addition, the cost of raw materials and operator labor can also be quite high. As a result, you should only use laser cutting machines in shops that have large budgets. Listed below are some of the main benefits of a fixed optic laser cutting machine.